Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Better already!

So, after a couple post-lunch hours of intense focus on my newsletter, I no longer feel as though I am gasping for air in a sea of incomplete tasks. Things are looking up already! At this rate I should have all the big things out of the way by the end of the work week, which is a huge relief.

After last night's long rambling post, I thought some pictures might be in order today. [Sidenote: TOTALLY FORGOT OLD-TIMEY TUESDAY! I'll fix that when I get home.] Let's take a look at some of the things I've crossed off the list recently, shall we?

Here we have (1) table numbers and (2) the guest book!

Until last week I had thought I would be buying table-tents from Paper Source and praying that my printer would tolerate a 5.5x17 piece of paper. Then I saw this post on Weddingbee and found out about these awesome 99-cent frames at IKEA. A quick calculation revealed that 26 frames would be cheaper than three packs of table tents, so I went by IKEA after work to make the purchase. The next day I brought a frame into work so I could be sure to choose the correct font sizes for the inserts and then took it to Paper Source after work to match some paper to the frame (the normal printer paper clashed a bit). I spent Friday night unwrapping frames, printing and cutting down the inserts and assembling, and I had 24 table numbers and a sign for the guestbook after just a couple of hours. Hooray!

There's not much to say about the guestbook except that a) it looks great! and b) it's definitely tinier than I thought it would be. Not that it doesn't say loud and clear that we were ordering a 7x7 book, and not that I can't measure or approximate 7 inches for myself, but I was still surprised when it arrived. We have at least 16 completely blank pages and about 30 partially blank ones like the one at right, so I think we should have plenty of room for everyone to sign and/or leave a note. (We opted for the premium paper in the new lustre finish, and it looks super nice. Blurb also goes so far as to recommend the best types of pens for writing on this paper. Helpful!)

Last (for now) but not least, we have (3) the honey-jar escort cards/favors!

Last night between my dress fitting and dance lesson with dad, I slapped these stickers on all of the little honey jars, and they too look great. (At this point they're just favors, since I haven't printed out the labels with names and table numbers on them yet.) If any of y'all need to make stickers for favors, I highly recommend I ordered 300 labels, which allegedly were in rolls of 150, but I got through almost all 228 jars on the first roll. Ah well. I counted last night, and 147 of these will be used to tell folks at which table they are seated. The rest will be up for grabs at the reception and farewell brunch.

That's all for now. Check back later for a belated Old-Timey Tuesday and more last-minute chaos!

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  1. Everything looks so great! I wonder whether Ikea in Australia has those frames... Oh no, I may have just found an excuse to eat meatballs on the weekend!