Sunday, May 16, 2010

a good sign

On Thursday before Jon and I went to the Josh Ritter show, we stopped by Target for some odds and ends, then hit up Willy's in the same shopping center for a quick burrito dinner. The weather was lovely, so we sat outside as we ate and took the long way back to the car once we were done.

As we walked, I went to hold Jon's hand but pulled away when I felt something cool and sticky. "Ewww!" I yelped. A rogue grain of rice from Jon's burrito had hung onto his lap and then transferred to the back of my hand. When I saw what it was I cracked up and called Jon gross, then took aim and flicked the rice off my hand at him, hitting him smack in the middle of his right cheek, much to his surprise. "Score, a direct hit!" I exclaimed before doubling over in laughter, while Jon just stood there, shocked.

A moment or two later, once we got going again, we passed two teenage boys who had observed this scene sitting on a bench next to the sidewalk. "How long have y'all been together?" one of them asked. A bit taken aback at the random inquiry, Jon and I looked at each other before both replying "About three years?" and sort of kept walking. "Y'all are a great couple," he said. We may or may not have said thank you, I don't remember; but we were smiling at the odd compliment from a stranger. As we rounded the corner, the guy said "Y'all should get married!" I turned around and said "We are, next weekend!" before we disappeared behind the building into the parking lot.

How random is that? Totally. Who knows why that kid felt the need to say those things to us, but it felt like a good omen and, like meeting Josh Ritter, added to the building excitement and positive momentum as we head into the wedding week.

Anyway, it's a sort of funny story, so I just wanted to share. Off to bed to rest up for two more days of work before the fun begins!

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  1. Hey, you. I LOVE this story. SDR