Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hostess gifts!

Over the course of our engagement, we've had four showers and a cocktail party in our honor (well, two of those showers were just for me). Crazy, right? Lots of showers bring lots of presents, but they also necessitate a lot of hostess gifts. I'm pretty pleased with the presents I came up with (and their prices), so I wanted to give y'all the rundown in case it could help generate ideas!

Shower no. 1
Theme: Christmas ornaments
Hosted by: one of my longtime best buds
Hostess gift: A nice bottle of champagne
Cost: about $30 from the liquor store by my house

Shower no. 2
Theme: General (this one was mostly my parents' friends)
Hosted by: two couples of family friends that we know from church
Hostess gifts: silver picture frames from Pottery Barn for pictures of their grandbabies (each couple has a new one)
Cost: $34 from Pottery Barn

Shower no. 3
Theme: Lingerie
Hosted by: two of my best friends and their mamas
Hostess gifts: Hanky Panky thongs for the girls; lovely candles for the mamas
Cost: $18 apiece for the thongs from Bloomingdales; about $29 each for the candles (including a 20% discount) from a local boutique

Shower no. 4
Theme: Stock the bar
Hosted by: another best friend and her folks
Hostess gifts: Slang pint glass (her nickname is Ho) and polaroid magnet frames for friend; a lovely chardonnay for her parents
Cost: $19 for the glass etc. from Urban Outfitters; $36 for the wine from Whole Foods

Cocktail Party
Theme: Cocktail party!
Hosted by: six sets of my friends' parents
Hostess gifts: Sweet Kathleen's cookbook (found via Bake it Pretty) and a bottle of Smoky Jon's barbecue sauce (found via Google). Get it? Kathleen and Jon? This gift had something for the ladies and something for the menfolk, at least if you're being stereotypical about it, which I liked since couples were hosting.
Cost: $28.88 apiece (including shipping and the extra bottles of sauce, which only came by the case)

What are some of your best hostess gift ideas?

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