Tuesday, May 11, 2010

losing my mind...

If this past weekend didn't mark the start of the TOTALLY OVERWHELMED stage of almost-there wedding planning, surely yesterday and today at work have cemented my entry into that phase. Good god! So much deadline pressure, so many things to juggle... I'd wish the weekend would arrive sooner were it not for the newsletter I have to start from scratch, complete and distribute by the time I leave work for the wedding next Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Not only has work been crazy, but I've been running around like a crazy person in all the time I have outside of work as well. Fortunately this has resulted in many things crossed off of various and sundry lists, and my great hope is that all this exhausting productivity will mean that next Wednesday morning, when I don't have to go to the office, I can just sleep in and take it easy.

So what all have I been up to? Well, you saw pictures from my hair and makeup trials on Saturday. In the past few days I've also had my final dress fitting, taken separate dance lessons with Jon and my dad, purchased snacks for the hotel welcome bags, written a lot of thank-you notes, made various returns and exchanges, finalized the wedding program and sent it off to the printer, finalized the menu for the bridesmaids' dinner, arranged seating, made table numbers and affixed labels to all 228 mini jars of honey we're using as escort cards and favors. I didn't get home tonight until 10:30 p.m. Aggghh! Jon has been doing a lot as well -- working on the slideshow, making a list of dinner music, bagging up the packing peanuts Macy's is so fond of using -- but seems to be doing less of the running around town than I am.

I'm feeling pretty tired and scatterbrained, overall. I hardly believe my calendar when it tells me that Thursday next week is the bridesmaids' dinner, Friday the rehearsal and Saturday the wedding. I still feel like it's March rather than May. I put on my dress this afternoon at the fitting and, for the first time, I could walk in it without having to hike it up. The length and the fit were tailored to me; the dress is mine now. It didn't feel magical or anything -- I imagine that will happen on the day of when my hair and makeup are done and I'm glowing with excitement, surrounded by my best friends and family. Instead, coming off of a stressful day at the office and looking a little worse for wear, I noticed little tiny things about the alterations that shouldn't bother me. I felt short without the benefit of the alterations platform and at least 6 extra inches of dress hanging over its edge. We all agreed that the dress looked good, though, and that there wasn't any further need for alteration. Another check on the list.

Next time I see my dress, I pledge to be in a better frame of mind. Maybe getting over the hump of the week will do the trick. Anyone have good advice for how I can focus and power through these last few days of work before I take off, or is it pretty much a lost cause? Did any of you already-married people feel underwhelmed by your fittings but overwhelmed by most everything else? I'd love to hear your thoughts. For now it's bedtime -- maybe a good night's sleep is all I really need.

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