Tuesday, May 25, 2010

mini photo recap!

Here are a few photos from the events of last weekend to tide you over until I get back from the honeymoon and/or the Smilebooth photos are posted. All of these are either my own pictures or come from friends and relatives (via facebook). Thanks to Emily, Allison, Dante, Janet, Aunt Retta, Abby and Lindsay for these!

Bridesmaids' dinner @ Fritti, Thursday evening

Getting nails done @ Sugarcoat, Friday morning

Rehearsal dinner @ Canoe, Friday night

High-school buddies stonefacing at the
post-RD shindig at my folks' house

hair @ van michael, Saturday a.m.

makeup in the dining room

getting my shoes on in the church parlor

me and the mamas!

Starting down the aisle!

wedding party pics in front of the church

Look, we actually got to eat at the reception!

first dance

fun in the Smilebooth

afterparty at the W

grad school buddies at the farewell brunch at my parents' house

Much more to come, eventually!