Thursday, May 20, 2010


Since I left the office on Tuesday, things have been pretty go-go-go... fortunately, that slows down this evening with the bridesmaids' dinner. I seem to be getting progressively less busy, or at least progressively less scheduled, as the days go on.

Yesterday the shit sort of hit the fan in terms of the guest list when we had a spate of cancellations, but it's really not so bad. My family has a huge holiday party every year and Mom says she gets so many calls the day of that she thinks no one will show up, and then sure enough about 300 guests pass through the doors that night. This is a little different than that, since we're paying per person, but the emotional impact is more deeply felt than the financial one, I think. Anyway, as soon as we figure out exactly who is/is not coming, and who of our local friends will be able to bring a date to enjoy the paid-for food and drink, we'll have to shuffle around the seating a bit.

I'm about to go drop off the welcome bags at the two midtown hotels (I got the one by my parents' house this morning) and then I'm doing a couple of airport runs. I just slathered myself in sunscreen because I don't want to get a trucker/farmer sunburn (no tan for me) while I'm spending all this time in the car!

Yesterday it still didn't seem real, like this wedding week was here after all. But now that people are in Atlanta who have never been/would not normally visit, it's starting to sink in... I feel like the wedding itself will be some sort of out-of-body experience, but I think I'll have a handle on the situation by then. The wedding rehearsal should accomplish that!

I'd better head out, but I hope to be able to check in again. Until next time...

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  1. it's a-gonna be awesome. good luck with everything!! everything will work out and it will be an awesome day. it is an out of body experience but that's what the video and photogs are for!