Monday, May 3, 2010

rehearsal dinner dress

Friday night I wrangled Jon into taking a picture of me in the dress I bought for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner so I could a) see if it would go with the sorta neutral sandals I already own and b) show y'all what it looks like. Check it!

I thought the shoes looked ok here, but OH MAN are my legs pasty. They're also in a shadow, so they're really not as bad as they seem here. I hope. Here's another attempt, with flash. (Pardon the funny face. And the mess.):

Very pretty, no? (Also, not so scarily pale in this one.) Although this picture showed me that NO WAY do these shoes work with this dress. After a lot of online hunting on Friday evening I ordered some silver sandals from Piperlime for $70:

Those should be here sometime this week. I hope they do the trick! Any of y'all have better suggestions than silver to go with this dress and my pastiness?


  1. That dress is adorable... what are the other colors in your wedding? Maybe do one of them? Could go funky and use a bright color - or brown? Have you thought about using tan enhancing body lotion?? I used it for a month before my wedding and had a beautious glow!