Wednesday, June 30, 2010


No pictures today; I hope they'll turn up tomorrow! I waited to post in hopes that I would have something exciting to share with you, but alas... In the meantime, I thought I would post a photo showing the strides we've made in the realm of dog-cat relations in our home. It's only been six days, so this is pretty impressive:

Not a hiss to be heard! Until the pup got loose, that is. But this is great progress. At this rate, I think Little Man and I will come around to this whole living-with-a-dog thing at about the same time!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ashley Baber Weddings: best coordinators in town!

I seem to be at a bit of a recap-impasse without my pictures from Jesse and Whitney (COMING VERY SOON!!!), so I'll take this break from recounting the wedding day to instead tell you more about some of the incredible people who helped us pull this thing off. Today's post is dedicated to the lovely Amanda Dana and Ashley Baber of Ashley Baber Weddings.

The one constant my mother and I both encountered when talking to friends who were former or current mothers of brides during my engagement was the insistence upon enlisting a day-of coordinator.* We heeded their advice, and, sometime late in the summer, selected Ashley
Baber from our pool of three possible coordinator candidates. If I'm being honest, I was already a little biased toward Ashley when it came time to choose. After all, she had worked with my caterer and photographers on many awesome and stylish weddings and from what I could tell she was similarly savvy and hip, not to mention young (which I liked. No offense, older wedding coordinator ladies!). Ashley came over to my parents' house to meet with us and won us over with her warmth, her charm and a nice mix of down-to-business and let's-have-fun.

After we signed the contract, our meetings and communications were with Ashley. She graciously allows all of her clients -- even just day-of types -- unfettered access via phone and email, so she helped us figure out who to look to for affordable
florals and transportation. By the time we came in for our first serious sit-down meeting in January, she had assigned us a coordinator from among her associates, since she would be elsewhere engaged on our wedding day. Ashley and Amanda both came to all our subsequent walkthrough and timeline meetings (and responded to all subsequent emails) and then Amanda really took the reins in the few weeks leading up to the wedding.

OK, so that sort of tells you how our arrangement worked. Now let me tell you why Amanda Dana is super amazingly awesome, and why you might wish for yourself such a
kickass coordinator.

The week of the wedding, Amanda came to me twice -- once to my house, once to my parents' -- to pick up things for the wedding. Programs, jars of honey, table numbers, guestbook and pens, extension cords, projector, many cases of
Cheerwine, extra flowers, etc. When she came over Wednesday morning to get the first load of stuff, she gave me a huge, excited hug, then we both pulled out our checklists and got down to business. Maybe it's just that we worked well together, I don't know, but I absolutely loved her sisterly enthusiasm and her commitment to getting everything done and done right.

On Friday, we had to resolve the fact that the
Smilebooth needed to be set up around 1 p.m. but we weren't able to get into the venue space until 4 p.m. This little snafu involved not only the photographers, but also the reception venue, the lighting contractor, and the caterer, among others. Amanda and Whitney devised a solution, then Amanda called me for the OK and went about calling each of the other vendors this change in timing would affect. I didn't have to do anything but say yes, and I knew all would go swimmingly.

Saturday she came by the house to get the last items for the reception, and I introduced her around to all the girls. Between then and the next time I saw her, in the church parlor shortly before the ceremony, she managed to make sure the reception setup was going to plan and relabeled honey jars for people whose table assignments were changed due to last-minute regretters. When Jon and I stepped off the minibus that trucked the whole wedding party to the reception at the entrance of Puritan Mill, she was waiting at the door, clipboard in hand. She whisked us away to a private table for two tucked away behind a curtain where we got to hear a tiny bit of the cocktail hour jazz combo and have some
hors d'oeuvres before we ran off with Jesse and Whitney for pictures. When it was time for us to come inside, she came to retrieve us. After we made our big entrance into the reception, she instructed us to sit and eat -- and thank god she did or I wouldn't have gotten a bite. I think we were probably the first people to sit and eat in the whole place. She took care of getting us drinks and everything.

All night she kept me posted on what was coming next, at least as long as it was relevant. Before cake-cutting time, Amanda came to me and said the DJ couldn't locate the song we had asked for to go with the cake.
Doh! That's because we never sent it to him (oops). I told her to let him do whatever, and it was so. She led us from the wedding cake to the groom's cake, and then got me a fresh glass of champagne when it came time for toasting. From there, the evening went on without any events we needed to be alerted of, but Amanda would pop up on occasion and put a mini water bottle in my hand and instruct me to drink, or ask if there was anything I needed. She was never obnoxious or in the way, but rather attentive and in control.

I was so pleasantly surprised by how well she took care of us during the reception -- I really had no idea that was part of the deal! Meanwhile, she was also gathering up all of the presents we had received and the things she had gotten from me earlier in the week and packing them up in my folks' car. After Jon and I made our exit, Amanda handed my parents their keys and told them they were good to go, everything had been taken care of. They didn't even need to go back inside.

To make a very long post short (too late, I know), as much as I'd like to think my mom and I could have pulled this whole wedding thing off ourselves, the truth is that we couldn't have -- or if we'd tried, it would not have been pretty. Mom and Dad would have been worried about what should happen when, I'd have been trying to keep track of time, and it would have been a terrifically stressful occasion. With Amanda and Ashley's help, we were all able to focus on visiting with our friends and family and celebrating as heartily as we wanted without having to divide our attentions elsewhere.

In summary, get a coordinator, and if possible make it Ashley or one of her associates. You won't regret the investment!

*There is no such thing as a day-of coordinator! It's true.


I just got this twitter direct message from our photographer:

DAAAAAHHHHH!!! So exciting!! She also said our wedding would be up on their blog within the next few days. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEEEEEE!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Captain Obvious

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I did not realize something that is painfully obvious about my relationship with Jon until it was noted by one of our grad school professors at the rehearsal dinner. He remarked on how fitting it was that Jon and I should be married, since we met and became a couple in the Goldring Arts Journalism program (named after and funded by Lola and the late Allen Goldring).

Get it? Goldring? Gold ring? DOY.

A gold (wedding) ring.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

puppy has a name!

Before our first day as puppy-owners ended, we managed to whittle down our list of names and bestow one upon our new furry buddy:

Otto! Doesn't he look like an Otto? I think it suits him.

This name was a nice compromise. Jon wanted to call him Vandal (after the U Idaho mascot) and I wanted to name him Hashbrown (after the delicious Waffle House side dish), but we ultimately decided he didn't strike us as either a vandal or a hashbrown. Instead, we looked to our shared alma mater and our meeting place, Syracuse University, and borrowed the name of its mascot, Otto the Orange:

Can't you see the resemblance? No? Hm. Ah well. I tried to find an SU dog collar with little Ottos on it to no avail, but we may get him a Syracuse one to wear during basketball season.

So, hooray! Puppy is here and has a name, now we just need to get him trained. Excellent wedding present, Matthew!

Friday, June 25, 2010


So, he doesn't have a name yet, but our puppy (aka our wedding gift from Jon's brother) arrived this morning. Here he is in the front yard:

Too cute! He seems sweet and playful so far. Little Man is mostly curious about this new thing in the house, so he's hanging out in the den with us and grumbling when the dog gets too close. I'm actually surprised at how well the cat-dog intro has gone thus far, but we'll have to see what happens when the puppy is at full speed...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding weekend recap: gettin' pretty (Saturday pre-wedding)

As far as I can recall, I slept just fine the night before the wedding. I made sure to bring Little Man upstairs with me and set my alarm for something like 8:30, and off to dreamland I went. I think I woke up somewhere in the 8 o'clock hour and showered (with a shower cap so that Elle could wash it at the salon), then wandered down to the kitchen where someone had bought a bag of mini powdered donuts and a box of full-size glazed ones. I grabbed one of each. Breakfast of champions!

The first order of business on the day was getting our hair done. Six of the bridesmaids and I had appointments starting at 10 a.m. at Van Michael Salon in Buckhead. My sister Emily was bringing the three bridesmaids from the W in midtown, Jo got herself dropped off and I picked up Lindsay, who was staying with her mom very close to my parents' house. Everyone arrived on time (and in button-down tops) and we were promptly whisked off to our respective stylists' chairs.

I know everyone says you should leave your hair dirty for styling, but since I had flat-ironed mine the night before and my hair tends to get a little limp when I don't wash it, Elle, my most excellent stylist, shampooed and dried my hair. (And it wasn't an issue at all -- my hair held up all the way until 4 a.m.!) The styling began with a curling iron: Elle would spray and curl a section as normal, and then slide the curl off of the iron into her hand and secure the resulting loop of hair with a clip. I don't have a picture of this phase, but it looked like I had a head full of big ol' rollers, only without the rollers. As soon as she had everything curled, she started unpinning the loops. I snuck a picture in the mirror while she was at it:

Once all the curls were down, Elle pulled together a side ponytail (with some teasing for volume) and then started bobby-pinning and hairspraying away:

Lindsay was done pretty early, so she walked around the salon and got pictures of each of us in progress, like the above photo. Once we were all done, Elle graciously snapped a photo of the whole gang! (We're missing Abby, who styled her own hair.) Looking good, ladies! Before we left, Elle showed Emily how best to attach and detach my veil without ruining her handiwork. I paid, hugged the girl from the makeup department who does my eyebrows, and headed out!

Emily took one carload of girls back to our parents' house by way of Starbucks, and I took another load by way of the dry cleaners, where I had dropped off lots of sweaters to be laundered in case it was cold on our Canadian honeymoon. (It wasn't. But now I have clean sweaters!)

Back at the homestead, things were pretty calm. Mom was back from her hair appointment, dad was probably out in the yard, and my uncles were plotting a trip to the Bass Pro Shops to avoid being in the way. One of my high school girlfriends' mothers had long ago volunteered to bring us lunch while we were getting ready, and she soon showed up bearing chips, cookies, brownies and platters of ham biscuits and sandwiches (with un-condimented ones for me! So sweet).

You know those wedding horror stories you hear about a bride who didn't eat enough or drink enough water, causing something to go horribly awry? Yeah, I didn't want that to be me, so I made sure to EAT A LOT, and to occasionally check back throughout the afternoon for a snack.

Meanwhile, some of the bridesmaids decided that it would be a good time to run around on the driveway and scuff up their shoes so as not to slip on the carpet at the church or the concrete floor at the reception. Here, Abby deems her efforts sufficient:

Tara Young, our brilliant makeup artist/manager of the makeup department at CNN downtown, and her sister arrived around this time as well. While the first couple of bridesmaids got glammed up, the rest of us gathered in the family room to watch -- what else -- the pilot episode of Dawson's Creek. Emily did a great job of capturing this essential part of my wedding day:

Uncles Bob and Steve were in the kitchen enjoying their lunch, and even they couldn't tear themselves away from Dawson's!

After that (hilarious, awesome) episode was over we all sort of gravitated to the front of the house, where all the magic was happening. Here's Kara, getting worked on:

And here's Allison, going under the airbrush gun:

Around 1:30 or so, Amanda, our coordinator, showed up at the house with her husband to pick up the few remaining items she needed: five cases of Cheerwine for the bar, the computer and projector for the slideshow, gaffing tape for the computer cord, new labels for some of the honey jar favors/escort cards due to last-minute cancellations that led to table switcheroos, and probably some other stuff. They loaded all of that into her car, I introduced all the girls to her, and then she was off to the reception venue.

It was nearing 2 o'clock and we were waiting on Jesse (one of the photographers) to arrive before starting my makeup, so Mom and Emily got started.

Most of the other girls were upstairs getting into their dresses, and I decided it would be wise at this point to gather up all the things I'd want with me at the wedding, like my hanky and grandma's evening purse, and that evening, like makeup remover and clothes for the brunch the next morning. (I managed to forget the toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush, though! Thanks, W Midtown.) Right about the time I had everything together, Jesse and Whitney pulled up in the driveway. Hooray!

Whitney pulled out Jesse's equipment and zipped away to set up the Smilebooth before meeting the fellas at the church. Jesse came inside and wandered around a bit to get a sense of the light, and then asked for my "details" -- shoes, garter(s), hanky, anything special I was going to have with me that day. She disappeared into the front yard with my shoebox full of stuff and started taking pictures until I dispatched someone to alert her that I was moving to the makeup chair. (Not that I wanted to tell her her business, but I wanted her to know!)

She came back into the house and took pictures of me getting made up and of the bridesmaids all hanging around watching, and she also got some pictures of Jon's ukulele with the pearls that he got me that I'm very excited to see. Once I was done with makeup and before we set out for the church, I found my sweet Little Man and made sure he had his moment in the badass-photographer spotlight. After that, we gathered up all our crap, split the group in three and had Uncle Steve, Uncle Bob and dad chauffeur us (and my dress) to the church to finish getting ready!

280 out of 365 ain't bad

Yesterday marked a month since the wedding, and today marks a year since I started blogging about it. Happy blog-birthday to me! This post is my 280th. (Interestingly, 280 is the street number of my parents' house. Coincidence? Yes, probably. Just thought it was cool.)

I plan to keep writing here until I've thoroughly exhausted all of my wedding ruminating and recapping, though I would doubt that A Wedding Runs Through It will be very active come this time next year. I'll let you know what's next for me in blogland once I figure it out, but in the meantime, thanks for sticking with me!

picture via 18th moon

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

one month

How weird is it that it's already been a month since the wedding? On the one hand, the planning and the erranding and the nonstop ridiculous fun and outpouring of love from all directions seem pretty far removed from our everyday lives, but on the other everything feels quite fresh and we're still feeling out what it is/what it feels like to be married.

Jon said at some point in the past four weeks or so that he didn't want to wait until our one-year aniversary to cut into our frozen wedding cake. However, I'm a stickler for tradition, so that cake won't be going anywhere for another 11 months! Instead, I called up Highland Bakery and ordered the smallest red velvet cake available (and had I called on a day when the pastry staff was in, I could have gotten one about half this size. Doh!) with which to surprise Jon this evening. We didn't make much of a dent in the cake, but it certainly was delicious.

One month down, infinity more to go. So far, so good!

Wedding weekend recap: Rehearsal day! (Friday)

Friday morning started out with the obligatory girls' trip to the nail salon, Sugarcoat. Five of seven bridesmaids came along, and a former college roommate who had gotten to town early joined us. Lindsay, my teacher bridesmaid, had gotten her nails done the previous evening before the bridesmaids dinner (since she had to teach on Friday) and left behind a bottle of champagne for all of us to enjoy. Don't mind if I do!

me, Heidi, Kara and Emily getting pedicures

Heidi and Allison getting manicures

From there, we squeezed the bridesmaids and the roommate into my car so I could drop them all off to get settled at the W hotel and do their thing for the afternoon before the rehearsal. I had business to take care of!

I got home to a house messy from the aftermath of the bachelor party's take-out BBQ dinner. I don't recall all the items that were on my list of things to accomplish in a few hours that afternoon, but I do know that I had to finish editing and burn a final DVD of our slideshow that would be shown at the rehearsal dinner that night (and the reception). On top of that, our Saturday timeline ran into some logistical problems (i.e. venue wouldn't be available to us when the photographers needed to set up the Smilebooth), so I had to confer with Amanda, our coordinator, over the phone to work out the kinks. Fortunately that was pretty quick and painless, because she is super awesome.

Anyway, I crossed most if not all of those things off my to-do list, took a shower, dried my hair, grabbed a few more odds and ends I'd need for the wedding day/night/Sunday morning and headed back to Mom and Dad's house to get ready for the rehearsal at 5 p.m. I had to stop at Kroger for wrapping paper and some last-minute thank-you gift cards, and as I left the store the darkening sky was starting to spit. I called Dad to open the door on the empty garage bay so I could schlep all of my stuff (much of which was paper-related and would note have taken kindly to the rain) into the house without incident -- good thing I did too, because by the time I got home it was pouring.

When I got inside, two uncles and a cousin were sitting at the kitchen island, so I visited for a minute before going upstairs to wrap those final gifts and put my face and dress on. Before long, Mom and Dad were hollering up at me that it was time to leave, and that it might not be good form to be late to one's own wedding rehearsal. By this point the ran had stopped and the skies were clearing.

We pulled up to the church and most folks were there already, so I set about greeting everybody while we waited on a couple stragglers. About ten minutes later, we started lining up at the front of the church and got the show on the road.

The rehearsal was actually pretty fun, mostly because we are a very fun group of people, and the guy who married us also knows how to have a good time. The two wedding guild ladies were sweet (one is in choir with me) and everyone was in good spirits. We first lined up in the front of the church to be sure everyone knew where they should stand, then practiced leaving the church so we could then practice entering the church. We were all lined up in narthex, and when my brother went to walk Mom down the aisle, my dad dutifully took his place behind them to follow them into the church to their pew. PSST. HEY DAD. I SORT OF NEED YOU BACK HERE. Somehow he forgotten that it was me getting married and he had a job to do! Needless to say, we had a good chuckle at that slip.

The best part about the wedding rehearsal was that the brilliant organist (and my church-job boss and symphony chorus director) was actually there, so we got to rehearse processing and recessing to the glorious organ music we'd picked. So much fun! We also got to hear our friends George and Eileen sing their beautiful solos.

After a pretty organized but leisurely rehearsal, we all piled into various cars and caravaned over to Canoe, where we were having the rehearsal dinner in one of their riverside tents. The earlier rain had cooled things significantly without making the ground too wet, resulting in a perfect spring evening for dining al fresco. Check out how pretty it was:

This was our tent (Canoe has two)

Because it was so lovely, the cameras came out again. (Who am I kidding? They would have come out regardless.) We had cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres for about an hour before sitting down to dinner, which left ample time for glamour shots.

Jo and Matthew

Dad and Steve, Jon's stepdad, on A/V detail (maybe not the best call)

Johanna, our grad-school program director, talking to me and Raquel

Cocktail-hour photo session in the garden! Muah!

Doesn't Jon look sharp in his seersucker suit?

Dad and me

Krista, Scott and Mary Jacob taking top-model shots in
front of one of the industrial-size fans Canoe provided. Classic!

Look who showed up in the same dress and accessories? AWKWARD.

We all took our seats, and Steve started things off with a welcome and a toast:

Then we ate a delightful dinner of salmon, steak, snap peas and magical parmesan gratin potatoes. NOM. Once everyone was mostly done, the toasts began, and they didn't stop for a long while. Somewhere near the beginning of the toasters was Abby, my best friend since we were 5 (aka my hetero lifemate), who made me cry:

Those are not happy tears. Those are tears of burning shame and absolute mortification. Abby oh so kindly brought up a REALLY EMBARRASSING INCIDENT, which wouldn't have been so bad were not my ESTEEMED PROFESSORS sitting two tables away. Need more evidence?

Yeah, not pretty. Fortunately, she fairly well redeemed herself with a heartfelt end-of-toast. Doesn't mean I won't return the favor someday, though...

Here we are laughing at another toast. Much better!

I should note that my friend Brock, whom we had asked to video the ceremony, went above and beyond and brought his camera to the rehearsal dinner and recorded all of the speeches and toasts. THANK YOU BROCK!! I know I will (mostly) love having those!

Once the toasting was over, my dad stood up and gave hilariously rambling directions to my parents' house, where we had a little reception (hosted by my uncles) for out-of-town family and friends going. Before the evening came to a close, I gave our parents their gifts, thanked everyone for being with us, and introduced our slideshow. Or maybe that's not the order of the evening, but that all happened.

At any rate, we soon wound down and headed for my parents' house. Susan (Jon's mom) assigned each of the lovely centerpieces she had arranged to people coming over so they all made the trip, Jon grabbed the projector, and we were off.

At my parents', pretty much all of the family members from my dad's and mom's sides of the family were there enjoying drinks and delicious sweets Mom had made, and I think everyone who had been at the rehearsal dinner joined us, at least for a little bit. Jon and I made the rounds saying hello, and then I gave him his awesome gift. Need a refresher?

And, because it wouldn't be a party at the Poe house without a group photo on the front steps or a group stoneface photo, we killed two birds with one stone with this epic shot of me and my hometown crew:

People started to clear out by 11:15 or so, and as the clock neared midnight I told Jon we needed to decide if we were going to attempt to dance the steps we'd just learned in lessons or if we were going to dance something less complicated. We'd tried to find time to practice dancing earlier in the week, to no avail! There ensued a hunt for a serviceable boombox: of the three I found, none worked. Jon's computer saved the day in the end, so we spent the first fifteen minutes of our wedding day dancing circles around the pool table in my parents' basement.

WOW that was long. But hey, it was a big day! Saturday, of course, was even bigger, so I'll split that up into pre- and post-wedding posts. Get ready!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding weekend recap: Bridesmaids dinner, etc. (Thursday)

The Thursday before the wedding was spent running all over town dropping off hotel bags and picking up friends and wedding party members from the airport before the bridesmaids dinner that evening. One of my bridesmaids is (well, was) a seventh-grade science teacher and she had to be at school all day Friday since it was the last day of the schoolyear, so we changed the traditional luncheon to a dinner thing -- it worked out perfectly!

My first order of business Thursday morning was to make copies of the directions and weekend schedules I had typed up so I could stuff them into the hotel welcome bags. I hit up my dad's office for this, which is conveniently located next to the hotel farthest from midtown but closest to my parents' house. My bridesmaid Allison joined me for this errand, as she had arrived Wednesday evening, and snapped this picture of me on the way into the Crowne Plaza:

Having successfully dropped off one of three sets of guest bags, Allison and I went to CVS for some odds and ends before I took her back to my parents house (where she hung out so she could sign for my rental earrings, THANK YOU QUINNY YOU ROCK) and I headed to our apartment to stuff the remaining hotel bags with directions and schedules.

Before long, I was off to do my first airport run of the day. First up were Dante (a groomsman) and Raquel, coming in from NYC, and Kara (a bridesmaid), arriving from Grand Rapids. Fortunately everybody got there at about the same time and we found each other no trouble. I ferried Dante and Raquel to the Residence Inn in midtown and, while I was at it, dropped off that hotel's large, unwieldy boxes full of welcome bags with the help of Kara and the friendly valet's luggage cart. Two down!

Kara and I swung by my apartment to kill some time and so she could see our place. It was nice to sit not in a car for a while! But that didn't last long, because we had to head back to the airport to get Heidi, my bridesmaid who came in from Spain. Traffic was a TOTAL MESS on the connector (who is surprised), but thanks to a helpful tweet that was forwarded to me via text and a phone call to mom who called up the traffic map online, I successfully avoided gridlock and made it to the airport and back to my parents' house in plenty of time.

(Meanwhile, Jon and his buddies were out at the Braves came as part of his bachelor party -- the Braves were losing horribly early on, narrowed the gap through the game, and came back from a 3-run deficit to win in the bottom of the ninth off a grand slam. INSANE. We took it as a good sign for the wedding weekend.)

Back at mom and dad's house with all of the out-of-town bridesmaids, we started to get ready and prepared to dive back into the rush-hour scrum (this time on the surface streets) to get to Fritti, a delicious pizza place in Inman Park, by 7 p.m. Another bridesmaid met us at the house and we divvied up into three cars and headed south. I drove alone so I could pick up Jon's mom at the W Midtown and drop off the last of the guest bags while I was there. Done and done!

At last, the bridesmaids dinner! Time to sit and catch up with my girls and not have to run around for a few hours! It was great. We had reserved a private "loft" space, which was the perfect size for our group. We tend to be a rowdy bunch, and this meal was no different, so it's probably best that we set ourselves apart from the rest of the diners. With the private space came a private server, who made sure the wine glasses were always full and the pizzas kept coming. He also took some pictures of the whole group for us! He had an excellent sense of humor, which is a plus when dealing with a group of crazies like us.

Jon's mom on the left, mine on the right, and all the bridesmaids in between

Before the food came, we all had to document the occasion (and yes, we pretty much all had our cameras with us). Here are some of the pictures:

Allison and Kara, college roomies

Heidi, post-college friend who also went to NU, and Emily, my sister

Abby, my hetero lifemate, and me in front of the hilarious FLAME picture

me and Llama (my mama)

Before the food came and cluttered up the table, I gave all the bridesmaids their gifts. Here, Lindsay shows off her present, pre-opening:

Jo and Allison, who is modeling her new necklace

At long last, the food started to arrive. For starters, we had fried calamari and fried mushrooms, which were followed quickly by a mixed salad and a lovely arugula salad with shaved parmesan (my favorite). Everything was served family-style, including the pizzas, and just. kept. coming. I selected a menu of five of their pizzas, all of which were super delicious. We had the Regina Margherita, Crudo e Rucola (prosciutto and arugula, my fave), Ananas e Gorgonzola (pineapple and gorgonzola with balsamic vinegar), Toscana (bufala mozzarella, salami, cherry tomatoes and rosemary) and Funghi di Bosco (mushrooms with white truffle oil) pizzas. NOMMM. Needless to say, we did not have dessert.

When we were done, we took some more pictures...

the remains of the meal

fun with flames

The dinner wound down around 10 p.m., after which everyone in my car (that is to say, all the out-of-towners) headed to the Bookhouse Pub to meet up with some mutual friends for a drink. We visited for about an hour and a half and decided we were pooped, so we piled in the Mazda and headed home.

Abby and Allison on the back patio at Bookhouse

I had struggled with identifying a good bridesmaids luncheon place, so I was really glad that Lindsay solved my problem for me by suggesting a dinner (so she'd be able to join). It made Friday a whole hell of a lot easier, too! Bridesmaids dinner FTW. Good Thursday, y'all! Bring on the rehearsal...


thanks to Emily, Allison, Abby and Lindsay for the pictures!