Friday, June 11, 2010

my favorite honeymoon souvenir

Somehow, though I mentioned it in my recap, I failed to properly showcase the awesomeness of the cat chalet we brought home from Canada for my cat. Probably the best part about the chalet is that it comes with four ornaments to hang above the door that you can swap out as you please: a moose head, a fish, a bird and a banner on which you can write the cat's name. I tried out the moose antlers first, but Little Man seems to prefer having his name above the entryway:

The other night Jon was trying to find Little Man (in order to make sure he wasn't sleeping during the evening so he would sleep during the night) and couldn't find him anywhere... Jon came back into the front room just as LM emerged from his chalet, where he had been hanging out. He likes it! ( via

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