Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My old, new, borrowed, blue...

This seems like one of those obligatory wedding blog topics, so since I didn't write about this pre-wedding, I figured I'd do it now. I did indeed cover all the bases of this old adage, although I left out the sixpence in my shoe. Bridals by Lori gave me one when I bought my dress, but I didn't really want to tape it into my shoe, and I also totally forgot. Ha! I digress.


My old something was my mama's Grandma Laura's ring, which my mother received as her 18th birthday present and also wore on her right hand for her wedding. (That's my cat Little Man sticking out his tongue at the camera. Dawww.)


I would imagine that the new category tends to be the easiest one to cover. Here's what I had:

(Christos Desiree)

(Toni Federici luxe)

(J. Crew)

(a wedding gift from Jon)

And there was probably a whole bunch of other stuff on my person that day that I bought for this shindig, but I'd say that's enough right there.


In addition to the above "old" ring, which was borrowed from my mother, I borrowed (read: rented) my gorgeous earrings from Adorn. They were perfect! It seemed silly when I decided to rent them, but I am so glad I did.


This part of the saying is the most fun, I think. I love blue, so this wasn't particularly difficult...

(shown with bridesmaid hankies)

(below, and a lovingly handmade one, not pictured)

hanky panky boyshorts
(full-butt underwear was a necessity for me
since I was dressing for an audience, including
a camera. These look sorta grannyish in this
pic, but I promise they are cute!)

(J. Crew)

And, just for good measure, I got a baby blue band-aid to put over the spot on my left pinky toe where my shoes rubbed.


Did you have old, new, borrowed and blue stuff with you on your wedding day? What other superstitions or traditions did you follow when it came to wedding accessories?


  1. You totally covered your bases! Your dress is so gorgeous. Not completely unlike mine :)

    I am so stumped on the something borrowed.

  2. Yeah, I would have thought borrowed would have been easier too... I was going to borrow my mother's pearls (also old because they were my grandma's) but then Jon got me some. I think borrowing jewelry from friends/aunts/parental types is a good way to knock that one out (and can save you money!), or if you have friends who are already married or won't be able to make it to the wedding, maybe you could borrow something from them. Does your future mother-in-law have anything borrowable/borrow-worthy?

    Now that I've got all this wedding stuff I'm hoping to be a resource for "borrowed" wedding things for friends -- I would happily lend out my veil or flower hairpins! Of course, it all depends on the bride's aesthetic as to whether someone else's things are appealing. Not sure what else I acquired through this process that would be lendable... Anyway, that probably didn't help much, but those are my thoughts! :)