Thursday, June 10, 2010

parental presents

We weren't terribly original in the gifts we gave our parents on the eve of our wedding, though we did make an effort to give them something that suited their tastes. Both sets of parents received photo-based presents using pictures from our awesome engagement session with Jesse & Whitney.

For my parents, whose walls and countertops are covered in family photographs, we had prints made of the following two photos, 4x6 and 8x10, respectively, and found lovely frames for them:

Not the slightest bit original, but also something my parents will enjoy having!

Jon came up with an excellent idea for his folks at some point during the winter. Back home in Idaho, they do a lot of ridiculously hard jigsaw puzzles, so we decided early on to make a 1000+ piece puzzle out of one of our engagement photos. We told Jesse and Whitney in advance we'd need to shoot some pictures that would make for particularly confounding puzzles, and we definitely accomplished that. We had thought at first we might use this shot:

...but we ultimately decided that might be TOO mean. Not only that, Jon's mom had told him that the picture below, which also had a lot of confusing white space, was probably her favorite from the shoot:

If we had it to do again, I might have opted for the first picture in the trees. The manufacturer had to cut out part of the photo for the puzzle and it turned out to be sort of an odd crop of the brick-wall picture, and I also think the first photo is just prettier. His folks haven't had a chance to try the puzzle yet, though -- as long as the one we got them is hard, I think we accomplished our goal!

On top of their photo gifts, I had my hanky lady from Etsy make personalized hankies for each of the parents as well.

The really awesome part about the parents' presents is that, even though one was purchased from a company overseas and shipped halfway around the world, and the components of the other gift were purchased and shipped from three different stores, they cost the exact same amount, down to the penny! I was way too excited when I figured that out, but I still think it's pretty damn cool. What are the odds?

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  1. What do you mean "not original?" I think the puzzle idea is excellent! (P.S. You're doing a great job with your recaps. Inspires me to finally finish mine -- after almost 10 months!)