Sunday, June 27, 2010

puppy has a name!

Before our first day as puppy-owners ended, we managed to whittle down our list of names and bestow one upon our new furry buddy:

Otto! Doesn't he look like an Otto? I think it suits him.

This name was a nice compromise. Jon wanted to call him Vandal (after the U Idaho mascot) and I wanted to name him Hashbrown (after the delicious Waffle House side dish), but we ultimately decided he didn't strike us as either a vandal or a hashbrown. Instead, we looked to our shared alma mater and our meeting place, Syracuse University, and borrowed the name of its mascot, Otto the Orange:

Can't you see the resemblance? No? Hm. Ah well. I tried to find an SU dog collar with little Ottos on it to no avail, but we may get him a Syracuse one to wear during basketball season.

So, hooray! Puppy is here and has a name, now we just need to get him trained. Excellent wedding present, Matthew!


  1. I love the name Otto for a dog! Our favorite local brewery is called Otto's, and we've always thought it would make the perfect pet name.

  2. awww welsh terriers rule! we have had ours for two years now and he is the best! we named ours archie and otto is an adorable name for your little man! congrats!