Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snippet no. 1

On Style Me Pretty today, in a post that showed up in my reader but refuses to appear on the actual website, a wedding photographer recalls her own wedding day back in 2006. "Just seeing the look on [my fiance's] face as I came down the aisle will live with me for a lifetime," she wrote.

Upon reading that, I tried to call to mind the look on Jon's face as I came down the aisle just a few weeks ago... and then I remembered that I never saw it. When I looked away from my friends and family lining the aisle and toward the front of the church, I only saw the side of Jon's face. He was focused on the wall behind the bridesmaids, or the window, or the tree beyond the window -- anything that wouldn't make him lose his composure. He wouldn't look at me! What a wuss.

So, I suppose that I shall never forget that view of Jon's left cheek. Isn't that romantic?

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