Saturday, June 19, 2010

Snippet no. 2

The first thing Jon said to me when Dad and I reached the front of the church at the start of the wedding ceremony:
I'm wearing a wire.
Brock, our friend and videographer for the day, had outfitted Jon with a mic in case one of us didn't speak loudly enough for his camera to pick up. Jon may have gone on about it, or gestured to it or something, I can't really remember. I don't think he would have had time for much explanation, given that we were standing before our guests, about to dive into the ceremony. That's surely a memorable first line, though!

I have to wonder if that statement was picked up on the video. Time will tell. Time will also tell if I blew out said wire while singing the hymn full-throttle in Jon's direction... (Sorry, Brock!)


  1. Ha. Seriously? I did not know this. That's amazing.

  2. Hahaha I love it! That is a classic.