Monday, June 14, 2010

Spectrum Entertainment: wedding DJ FTW

We decided early in the planning process that we were going to go with a DJ rather than a band -- so early, in fact, that I don't think I ever blogged about it. Huh! Anyway, having already pinned down our caterer and photographer at that point, I asked Jacqui at Bold American and Jesse & Whitney of OLOL who their DJ recommendations would be. Jacqui gave us the name of the company we ultimately went with: Spectrum Entertainment.

I was a little wary at first, having recently attended a wedding lorded over by a super obnoxious DJ, but our first meeting set my mind at ease. We met with Lou Guzzo, the DJ manager, who guided us through Spectrum's incredibly thorough and easy-to-use online planning site. He assured us that we would have the final say in how reserved or crazy the DJ acted and that we could have as much or as little control over the reception music as we wanted. Everything sounded ideal, so we put down a deposit before we left their offices that evening. Spectrum has a long roster of DJs to choose from, and while we were mostly in contact with Lou, we eventually selected Tom Russo to be the man in charge of the tunes at our wedding reception. It cracked me up when I came across an unexpected picture of Tom in the Smilebooth:

Clearly, this guy knows how to party. And, let me tell you what, he KILLED IT on the dance floor. He had people of all ages boogieing all night long. (As a bonus, if you weren't dancing, you could carry on a conversation without screaming, which made my dad extra happy.) Tom paid attention to all of the little notes we had attached to our requested songs. He played 99 Luftballons auf Deutsch, called my Uncle Tom to the front for Leader of the Pack so he and his cousins (my parents and other aunts and uncles) could reenact a margarita-fueled family beach video from the early '80s, and even granted me one more song (Hey Ya!) after he had already announced that our last dance (Josh Ritter's Katheen) was coming up next.

In short, Tom was a paragon of professionalism as well as a lot of fun. He was reserved, per our request, but was definitely enjoying himself. He did a great job announcing us as we entered, introducing all the special dances and those giving toasts, and not once did he play a song (or even an artist) from the do-not-play list. How can you beat that?

No, thank you, Tom! If you are considering using a DJ for your wedding reception or any other sort of party, I wholeheartedly recommend Spectrum. The planning process couldn't have been any easier, and the end result couldn't have been any more awesome. These guys are the best!

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  1. Word. That was some of the best dancing. Ever.