Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wedding regrets

Don't worry, this is a short and pretty insignificant list. As I mentioned before, the day could hardly have gone any better! When I look back on the wedding I only have a few regrets, if these even qualify as such.
1. Lipstick. Why did I not reapply as the evening wore on? When you're pasty like me, a wedding dress will wash you out, and my seeming lack of lips didn't help matters.

2. Bouquet toss. For some reason this kept coming up in my mind the first few days of the honeymoon, most likely because I chucked the bouquet straight back at Jon's best friend's face. Oops! I was worried about it getting hung up in the lantern chandelier hooha, so I didn't loft it as I should have. Makes for better pictures and better catches. Bollocks.

3. Time! We spent the whole of the cocktail hour taking pictures with Jesse and Whitney, but even if we'd had that hour with our guests I'm still not sure I would have gotten to everybody. Most notably I did not get to talk to Uncle Chub, my late grandma's brother (though I did speak to his wife) and a couple of other old folks.

4. Group pictures. I had the DJ announce for groups (high school, college, grad school) to congregate at the Smilebooth for the obligatory group photo, but I didn't hear a one of these announcements! My brain was just not having it. I missed a couple opportunities at the reception, but I am most disappointed that Jon and I did not get into a picture with our classmates and professors from Syracuse where we met. Fortunately, there is a photo of everybody BUT us outside of the church, and the program coordinator's husband got a couple pictures of me with the woman who funded the program, so when you piece it all together, we had it covered.

5. Steve. I'm sad that I didn't get a chance to dance with my father-in-law! There were only a few slow dances, though, and I grabbed Jon for Georgia on my Mind... that's really the only one I remember, aside from a shag song, but I was in the Smilebooth for that and I'm pretty sure that Steve can't shag, seeing as how he hails from the North. And he's a physicist. :)
Finally, two things about the ceremony. First, the minister totally forgot the Lord's Prayer, a funny slip after he had made a big thing out of how they say "debts/debtors" at Trinity as opposed to any other variation on that theme at the wedding rehearsal. Not a problem, just funny, and I noticed it right away because I was saying to myself, "Ok, next comes the Lord's Prayer...Or not."

The second thing is one I'll have to assess when I see the video of the ceremony. One of my bridesmaids and best friends (the married one) had made a point to tell me at the rehearsal to wait at least three seconds after turning around to face the congregation to start the walk back down the aisle, just to soak it all in. After the benediction when the recessional began, we turned around, but in my memory it was an awkward eternity before we began walking. Did it look strange? Were we confused? Did I say something to Jon? I have no idea. But I definitely succeeded in not booking it out down the steps!

As you can see, none of these is a big deal. Our wedding day was pretty much as wonderful as it could possibly have been, thanks to the weather and the many, many friends, family and wonderful vendors who helped out. Score!

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  1. I share the first regret. I am trying to sort through it all right now.

    Either way, congrats!!!