Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding weekend recap: gettin' pretty (Saturday pre-wedding)

As far as I can recall, I slept just fine the night before the wedding. I made sure to bring Little Man upstairs with me and set my alarm for something like 8:30, and off to dreamland I went. I think I woke up somewhere in the 8 o'clock hour and showered (with a shower cap so that Elle could wash it at the salon), then wandered down to the kitchen where someone had bought a bag of mini powdered donuts and a box of full-size glazed ones. I grabbed one of each. Breakfast of champions!

The first order of business on the day was getting our hair done. Six of the bridesmaids and I had appointments starting at 10 a.m. at Van Michael Salon in Buckhead. My sister Emily was bringing the three bridesmaids from the W in midtown, Jo got herself dropped off and I picked up Lindsay, who was staying with her mom very close to my parents' house. Everyone arrived on time (and in button-down tops) and we were promptly whisked off to our respective stylists' chairs.

I know everyone says you should leave your hair dirty for styling, but since I had flat-ironed mine the night before and my hair tends to get a little limp when I don't wash it, Elle, my most excellent stylist, shampooed and dried my hair. (And it wasn't an issue at all -- my hair held up all the way until 4 a.m.!) The styling began with a curling iron: Elle would spray and curl a section as normal, and then slide the curl off of the iron into her hand and secure the resulting loop of hair with a clip. I don't have a picture of this phase, but it looked like I had a head full of big ol' rollers, only without the rollers. As soon as she had everything curled, she started unpinning the loops. I snuck a picture in the mirror while she was at it:

Once all the curls were down, Elle pulled together a side ponytail (with some teasing for volume) and then started bobby-pinning and hairspraying away:

Lindsay was done pretty early, so she walked around the salon and got pictures of each of us in progress, like the above photo. Once we were all done, Elle graciously snapped a photo of the whole gang! (We're missing Abby, who styled her own hair.) Looking good, ladies! Before we left, Elle showed Emily how best to attach and detach my veil without ruining her handiwork. I paid, hugged the girl from the makeup department who does my eyebrows, and headed out!

Emily took one carload of girls back to our parents' house by way of Starbucks, and I took another load by way of the dry cleaners, where I had dropped off lots of sweaters to be laundered in case it was cold on our Canadian honeymoon. (It wasn't. But now I have clean sweaters!)

Back at the homestead, things were pretty calm. Mom was back from her hair appointment, dad was probably out in the yard, and my uncles were plotting a trip to the Bass Pro Shops to avoid being in the way. One of my high school girlfriends' mothers had long ago volunteered to bring us lunch while we were getting ready, and she soon showed up bearing chips, cookies, brownies and platters of ham biscuits and sandwiches (with un-condimented ones for me! So sweet).

You know those wedding horror stories you hear about a bride who didn't eat enough or drink enough water, causing something to go horribly awry? Yeah, I didn't want that to be me, so I made sure to EAT A LOT, and to occasionally check back throughout the afternoon for a snack.

Meanwhile, some of the bridesmaids decided that it would be a good time to run around on the driveway and scuff up their shoes so as not to slip on the carpet at the church or the concrete floor at the reception. Here, Abby deems her efforts sufficient:

Tara Young, our brilliant makeup artist/manager of the makeup department at CNN downtown, and her sister arrived around this time as well. While the first couple of bridesmaids got glammed up, the rest of us gathered in the family room to watch -- what else -- the pilot episode of Dawson's Creek. Emily did a great job of capturing this essential part of my wedding day:

Uncles Bob and Steve were in the kitchen enjoying their lunch, and even they couldn't tear themselves away from Dawson's!

After that (hilarious, awesome) episode was over we all sort of gravitated to the front of the house, where all the magic was happening. Here's Kara, getting worked on:

And here's Allison, going under the airbrush gun:

Around 1:30 or so, Amanda, our coordinator, showed up at the house with her husband to pick up the few remaining items she needed: five cases of Cheerwine for the bar, the computer and projector for the slideshow, gaffing tape for the computer cord, new labels for some of the honey jar favors/escort cards due to last-minute cancellations that led to table switcheroos, and probably some other stuff. They loaded all of that into her car, I introduced all the girls to her, and then she was off to the reception venue.

It was nearing 2 o'clock and we were waiting on Jesse (one of the photographers) to arrive before starting my makeup, so Mom and Emily got started.

Most of the other girls were upstairs getting into their dresses, and I decided it would be wise at this point to gather up all the things I'd want with me at the wedding, like my hanky and grandma's evening purse, and that evening, like makeup remover and clothes for the brunch the next morning. (I managed to forget the toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush, though! Thanks, W Midtown.) Right about the time I had everything together, Jesse and Whitney pulled up in the driveway. Hooray!

Whitney pulled out Jesse's equipment and zipped away to set up the Smilebooth before meeting the fellas at the church. Jesse came inside and wandered around a bit to get a sense of the light, and then asked for my "details" -- shoes, garter(s), hanky, anything special I was going to have with me that day. She disappeared into the front yard with my shoebox full of stuff and started taking pictures until I dispatched someone to alert her that I was moving to the makeup chair. (Not that I wanted to tell her her business, but I wanted her to know!)

She came back into the house and took pictures of me getting made up and of the bridesmaids all hanging around watching, and she also got some pictures of Jon's ukulele with the pearls that he got me that I'm very excited to see. Once I was done with makeup and before we set out for the church, I found my sweet Little Man and made sure he had his moment in the badass-photographer spotlight. After that, we gathered up all our crap, split the group in three and had Uncle Steve, Uncle Bob and dad chauffeur us (and my dress) to the church to finish getting ready!

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