Saturday, July 31, 2010

holy awesome wedding film, batman!

If you've been cruising the wedding blogs in recent weeks, you've surely seen photos or stop-motion snippets from the wedding of Flashdance photographer Max Wanger and his lovely bride Margaux. Yesterday, Once Wed shared another video (by Shark Pig) from their unbelievably beautiful wedding celebration, and it's pretty much the most awesome thing ever. EVER. I want all of these people to be my friends. Just watch:

Max, Margaux, & The Marvelows from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

HOLY CRAP, Y'ALL. Right? Amazing. Ashley Meaders is a design genius, and of course Jesse & Whitney did an incredible job photographing the dreamy event. (How cool is it that these three were part of our big day as well? It boggles the mind.)

Friday, July 23, 2010


Well, we're off today for a little family beachy time. This will be not only my immediate family, but also three sets of aunts and uncles, eight cousins and significant others, and three cousin-babies. In total we're a house of 22, at least for the weekend when we're at full capacity. As such, posting will probably be light for the next week. Have a great one!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

2 months, 2 last names (300 posts!)

It's been two months since the wedding? Really? June flew by, probably on account of honeymooning and getting back into the swing of things, and July has seemed to just plod stubbornly along. (Sort of like our often stubborn puppy...) And yet here we are, two months into wedded bliss , or something like it. We're kicking off month three tomorrow with a weeklong beach vacation with my extended family -- hooray!

Aside from getting our photo DVDs in the mail, the big news of the week is on the name-change front. Things are slowly but surely becoming official. I went on Wednesday morning to the social security office on my way to work. I've heard from many folks that this is the really nightmarish part, and I prepared for a wait by bringing the latest New Yorker along, but I was in and out of there in about 35 minutes. All I needed was the form, our marriage certificate, my passport and my old social security card. Done.

This efficiency gave me such momentum that I thought I'd try my luck at the DMV in the afternoon. I should have known better! After nearly an hour of waiting (and reading the New Yorker), they called my number. I approached the counter, handed over my paperwork and my old driver's license and waited as the woman pulled up my file in her computer. She scanned the form I had filled out and suddenly stopped typing. "You can't do this," she told me, holding up my form and pointing to the "last name" blank, where I had written [lastname] [hisname]. Kathleen [lastname] [hisname] she could do, based on the information I had, she said, but not Kathleen Virginia [lastname] [hisname]. I explained that that was how I had filled out the form when we went to get our marriage license, and the lady asked me for a copy of our marriage license application as proof. Exsqueeze me? A baking powder? Who the hell gets a copy of their license application?

Our marriage certificate lists our names as they were before we got hitched (as one imagines most marriage certificates do), and I gather that, if you want to drop your given middle name, shift your maiden name to the middle and take your husband's family name as your last, this is generally sufficient information. Doing anything different with your name apparently requires supplementary documentation. Don't get me wrong, it makes total sense that they need proof, but couldn't they have told me that at the probate court when I was hemming and hawing over what to do with my name? Oof.

Anyway, after some circular discussion with this lady, it was decided that I would go back to the probate court seeking a certified copy of our marriage license application and return to the DMV once I had that in hand. Fortunately, my office is literally a block away from the probate court. I walked over and was relieved to learn that a) they had the applications on file, and b) I had $10 cash to pay for the certified copy. (Sidenote: Certified copies! Such a racket!)

I returned this morning to the DMV shorty after it opened at 7:30 a.m. The lady who had helped me yesterday at the counter was now giving out numbers behind the info desk. She made me produce all the necessary documents before she would give me the form to fill out, and when she saw them she remembered me from the day before. "That's what I was talking about!" she exclaimed, pointing to the photocopied application, and then rattled on a bit. Yes. I know. Just had to go get it from the court... sigh.

The moral of this story is, if you want to do something unconventional with your names, be sure to procure some evidence of what you're planning before you hit the DMV.

Long story somewhat less long, I breezed through the DMV this time around and emerged victorious, with a new, temporary, four-named license in hand, around 8:20 a.m. Next up? A new passport. But I think I've finished all the obnoxious in-person waiting, so that's awesome. Once I get my new license and SS card, my two last names will be officially official!

P.S. -- this is my 300th post! Yowza! So prolific...

nuggets of wedding wisdom (from the blogs)

Yesterday a great guest post (from a chick named Persephone -- how awesome is that?) went up on Souris Mariage offering a few nuggets of wedding wisdom. If you're still in the planning stages, you'll definitely want to check it (and those blogs) out! Highly enjoyable.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

how not to kiss for the camera

At long last I have all of our wedding photos on disc so I can share many, many more photos with you! Hooray. The theme of tonight's post is how not to kiss on camera, as demonstrated primarily by Jon (but sometimes by me as well). Y'all, this is some serious awkwardness, recorded for posterity. Let this be a cautionary tale!

We'll ease in with a not-so-bad shot. This one is included in this category on merit of how Jon is smushing his nose into my cheek. Amateur.

Next up we have some mutual awkwardness. Uh, nice posture, self. Jon is facing away from the camera, my left arm is just hanging out in the middle, I'm straining my neck... not pretty. Also, I can't tell if my eyes are open, and that in and of itself is weird. Still, could be worse.

Now we're getting to the good (read: bad) stuff. Here we have Jon's tight-lipped aggressive/stubborn/focusing-really-hard approach... sorta makes him look like a begrudging little boy. Love you too, honey!

This next one just makes me sad, because the whole rest of the picture is pure loveliness. What the hell are we doing with our faces? If my eyes were closed I wouldn't be so bad, but Jon looks like he's kissing his grandmother or something.

Here's the real kicker... the post-groom's-cake-cutting I'm-gonna-ralph-on-your-pretty-dress kiss. Of course, he loved his groom's cake, and he's not actually going to hurl, but it sure looks like he's about to, doesn't it? Meanwhile, I'm looking happy and blissfully unaware of what's going on on the other side of my eyelids.

So, there you have it. When it comes time for your wedding photos, remember these awkward moments and don't do likewise!

P.S. -- Just to prove that we're not totally kissing-unphotogenic, here's a nice one from cake-cutting time... Finally! A keeper!

all photos copyright Our Labor of Love

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

15 minutes of wedding-blog fame: Atlanta Occasions

Check it out! Atlanta Occasions magazine's blog/website ran a little feature on our wedding today. Click on the picture below to see some new (to you) photos and read stuff that, if you've been following my blog, you probably already know.

Monday, July 19, 2010

unnecessary accoutrement (no. 1)

Try though I did to avoid wedding excess, there were inevitably a few things I sprang for that might have made people wonder. The unnecessary accoutrement series will account for those accessories and add-ons that were purely elective -- and totally damn awesome. Huzzah!

First up? The earrings. Renting super swanky diamond and pearl dangles is one of those things that I certainly never imagined I would do, but OH MAN am I glad I did. They could not have been more perfect with the pearls Jon gave me and added an extra touch of elegance and sparkle to my wedding-day ensemble:

They're beautiful, aren't they? And I don't even care that I didn't get to keep them. When else am I going to wear sparkly pearl earrings in my regular life?

Friday, July 16, 2010


When it came time to pick a maid of honor for my wedding, I didn't really have anything to decide -- of course my maid of honor would be my big sister, Emily! Yesterday afternoon Em and I hooked up with another excellent photographer from Our Labor of Love, Kendrick, to be the subjects of a photoshoot for one of her other photographic endeavors, Luceo. Click on the photo below to see more pictures and read about what it's like to be a Poe sister.

(photo by Kendrick Brinson. Obviously.)

high school sweethearts

As I was perusing my google reader last night, I came across some familiar names and faces on Dan & Anne Almasy's blog. Rankin and Travis, who were in the class below mine in high school, were married last fall (as you can see here), so I was surprised to see them in their wedding duds again -- turns out they went back to campus for a post-wedding photoshoot! Check it:

on one of the patios, but I can't tell which from the trees...
Coyne Outdoor Classroom maybe?

Rankin on the steps of Pressly Hall, where the high school
holds prom and graduation.

Pretty sweet idea, no? I think it's sort of cool. Check out this post on Dan & Anne's blog to see more pictures from Rankin & Travis's high-school aftershoot.

*all photos by Dan & Anne Almasy

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

while the gettin's good

One of my wedding accessories was a lovely garter from the Etsy shop Florrie Mitton Couture. This is the Alice ivory lace garter, beautifully shot by Jesse of OLOL in my parents' front yard:

When I first spotted these garters back in the fall, I blogged about them, noting that my two favorites -- this one and a sweet swiss-dotted one that would match my dress -- both cost less than $30. What a steal!

By the time I eventually ordered the garter in early February, the cost for Alice had gone up to $36. (Shipping was an additional $12.50, but that's what I get for ordering something from the UK.) Noting the increase when I logged onto the shop's site, I figured I shouldn't waffle on this any longer, and that I liked it enough to go for it and not chance a still-higher price later on.

Today, a Weddingbee blogger posted about Florrie Mitton, so I thought I would check back to see how the prices were doing. Hot damn! These days, Alice will run a girl $59, plus shipping! And it's still the least expensive one on the page.

This is not to say that you shouldn't get yourself a Florrie Mitton garter if you like them -- by all means, buy one. I'm just glad I got in before demand got so high that her prices went that way too! Savvy businesswoman, that Florrie Mitton...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Just say thank you*

In the months leading up to the wedding, I was a thank you note-writing machine. Gifts would arrive on our doorstep one afternoon and I would drop the notes in the mailbox for pickup the next morning on my way to work. Not only did this practice prevent a backlog, it also helped me write better notes I think -- the excitement of getting a wedding present, even if it was something rather unglamorous like a single plate, from a friend or relative definitely gave me some momentum.

As the wedding day drew nearer, the volume of presents being delivered increased, as one might expect. I was able to stay on top of things until the week of the wedding, at which point I threw in the towel, reasoning that people would surely understand if it took a few weeks for me to get to thanking them. I'd just knock them out after the honeymoon. Right?

Not so much. Here I am more than a month after returning from our trip to Canada and I've got close to (more than?) 20 notes outstanding. First I said I'd have them done before the puppy arrived (June 25); then it was the end of the month; the end of the month became the end of the 4th of July holiday weekend. You can see where this is going. I came across a blog post last week that mentioned that brides and grooms have eight weeks to finish writing their thank-yous and realized that eight weeks from the wedding is this coming weekend. AGH! When I revisited the post I saw that the thank-you deadline is eight weeks from the end of the honeymoon, according to the author, Anne Chertoff, so I've got until the end of the month.

Of course, I had to check in with Emily Post, master of etiquette, as well to see what her take on the proper thank you note timeline is:
Contrary to popular myth, the happy couple does not have a year’s grace period. All thank you notes should be written within three months of the receipt of the gift.
Three months! What a relief! My goal now is to have all the notes written by the time I leave for the beach with my family a week from Friday, but it's good to know I'll still be within the window of good taste if I sit on them a while longer.

Did anyone else experience a lack of thank you note motivation post-wedding? Do you think there's a certain window of time in which gift-givers should be thanked, or is a thank you note, whenever it arrives, courtesy enough? Do you enjoy writing thank yous, or do you think they're a pain?

*please tell me someone knows where this post title comes from!

Friday, July 9, 2010

wedding ceremony music

When I posted previously about our wedding music, we were still in the conceptual stages of programming our service. It occurred to me yesterday (as I was pondering potential blog topics) that I never followed up on that and wrote about what we ultimately selected! In fact, I thought I wrote about our music meeting with Norman, but it doesn't appear I did that either... ah well.

As I think I mentioned before, our church has rules aplenty when it comes to what music can and cannot be a part of a worship service. Fortunately for me, I'm the type to save the popular tunes for the reception and keep the service music classical, so these guidelines didn't really cramp my style.

Since Jon and I both studied music in school and I'm a church musician and chorister now, we felt like we needed really awesome music for our wedding; and not the stuff you always hear at church weddings, lovely though some of it may be. We took home a CD sampler of organ music the church gave us quite early in the planning process and nixed all 21 tracks, either because they were too common or just didn't float our boat. From there, we moved into the research phase, dedicating a couple of Friday evenings to trawling Rhapsody's organ music so we would have ideas when we met with the organist.

Our meeting with Norman (the organist) was a hoot. We sat up in his office for about 20 minutes and tossed ideas and names around, and then he took us down to the sanctuary where he tore through some fifteen pieces, each entirely from memory. Jon and I were sitting, bug-eyed, in the pastor chairs between the organ and the pulpit as Norm played one face-melting fugue after another. (I should note that Norm is probably one of the best organists in town -- and he's my church's! What luck.) After that meeting, our music was pretty well set -- all we had to do, aside from ordering the piece I found that Norm didn't know, was tweak the order and determine the right number of selections for the prelude.

So, I bet you're wondering what we picked, right? Here's the prelude:
Sonata IV in B-flat, Allegretto -- Felix Mendelssohn
Prelude in G, BWV 541 -- J.S. Bach
Suite, Op. 5, "Sicilienne" -- Maurice Durufle
Toccata in D, "Dorian," BWV 538 -- J.S. Bach
Meditation (trans. Maurice Durufle) -- Louis Vierne
Sinfonia, "We Thank Thee, Lord," BWV 29 -- J.S. Bach
After the prelude, our mothers were seated. For this bit of ceremony, I asked my best friend George, who has a lovely tenor voice, to sing. He recommended Reynaldo Hahn's A Chloris, an art song sung in French that sort of resembles Pachelbel's Canon in D in its tempo and character (only it's way better ;)). It was perfect walking music, and it sounded amazing in his voice!
Seating of the mothers: A Chloris -- Reynaldo Hahn
For the processional, we used the wedding march that Felix Mendelssohn had written for his sister, Fanny, back in 1845. It was pretty stately and grand, so for the groomsmen and bridesmaids we went for something a little brighter and more upbeat.
Wedding party processional: Prelude to a Te Deum -- Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Bridal processional: Sonata III in A, Introduction -- Felix Mendelssohn
During the service, we sang a hymn -- Come thou fount of ev'ry blessing (my favorite) -- and had a solo among the scripture and poetry readings. This solo was really special for me. The woman who was my voice teacher in Syracuse, and who was also the focus of my graduate thesis, sang a setting of the e.e. cummings poem i carry your heart with me* by a young composer named Jocelyn Hagen. It was absolutely breathtaking. I knew from the rehearsal if anything was going to set me off crying during the ceremony, this would be it; but I made it through all smiles.
Come thou fount of ev'ry blessing -- traditional
i carry your heart with me -- Jocelyn Hagen
Last but not least, we picked a totally kickass recessional. As a bonus, I'm pretty sure it was long enough to get all of us out of the church and have our brothers go back in for our mamas with time to spare.
Symphony no. 1 in D, Final -- Louis Vierne
So, there you have it! A slightly off-the-beaten-path but fully classical and (mostly) sacred program of wedding service music. I hope this gives any of you hunting for ceremony music some ideas!

* the overtly secular nature of the text gave Norman pause -- he didn't want to open the door to other brides who might want more contemporary (read: popular) or less serious music -- but eventually I persuaded him that this piece fit our service perfectly. Victory!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the slideshow of love!

After a brief birthday hiatus, I'm back -- and with more incredible wedding photos to share! Jesse sent me the link to the slideshow they put together yesterday. As soon as I receive the discs with all the photos on them I'll resume the recapping and vendor reviewing, but this should tide you over for a while. Click on the photo for the slideshow!

*hanky by SheriAngellCreations

Saturday, July 3, 2010



The pictures are totally amazing!!! Jesse tells me I'll get the full slideshow on Monday. Best birthday present EVER! WAHOOOO!!!

*all photos by the incomparable whitney & jesse chamberlin

Friday, July 2, 2010


Hey y'all. Sorry for the light posting this week. I seem to be suffering from a lack of motivation; either that or this puppy is seriously cramping my style. I suspect it's a bit of both. As I wrote on Tuesday, I was expecting to get our professional pictures this week, but it hasn't happened yet. Alas! Rest assured that once they come in there will be a barrage of photo-heavy posts -- I still have to write all those vendor reviews that need pictures!

In the meantime, I hope y'all have a lovely start to the long weekend. Enjoy your Monday off! I know I will, because it's my birthday: the big 2-7! The only birthday gift that would be better than a day off of work would be our wedding pictures... :)