Friday, July 16, 2010

high school sweethearts

As I was perusing my google reader last night, I came across some familiar names and faces on Dan & Anne Almasy's blog. Rankin and Travis, who were in the class below mine in high school, were married last fall (as you can see here), so I was surprised to see them in their wedding duds again -- turns out they went back to campus for a post-wedding photoshoot! Check it:

on one of the patios, but I can't tell which from the trees...
Coyne Outdoor Classroom maybe?

Rankin on the steps of Pressly Hall, where the high school
holds prom and graduation.

Pretty sweet idea, no? I think it's sort of cool. Check out this post on Dan & Anne's blog to see more pictures from Rankin & Travis's high-school aftershoot.

*all photos by Dan & Anne Almasy


  1. Sweet idea, indeed! I wouldn't mind slipping back into my gown and taking more photos :)

  2. I think the second photo is outside of Campbell... the lantern looks familiar!

  3. i agree with blayne. it totally is where they used to sit all the time in high school.

  4. Ahh, good call. I see it now!