Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the slideshow of love!

After a brief birthday hiatus, I'm back -- and with more incredible wedding photos to share! Jesse sent me the link to the slideshow they put together yesterday. As soon as I receive the discs with all the photos on them I'll resume the recapping and vendor reviewing, but this should tide you over for a while. Click on the photo for the slideshow!

*hanky by SheriAngellCreations


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! x

  2. oh my...what an amazing slide show of gorgeous eye-candy!! You're cat is just precious...I'm a cat lover myself :) oh and I have to admit...after the slide show I peeked at the rest of your gallery...such beautiful pics!! Looks like it was an amazing day!
    I know I mentioned this on your last post...but I seriously LOVE your dress! It's perfect!

  3. OH MY GOSH I am in love with your photos. Every single one of them. And your dress is gorgeous. Mine is almost exactly the same shape, but in heavier fabric for the cold weather. You are swinging me back towards not having a veil again now...

    Ah! Amazing! You must be soooo happy with those!

  4. Oh and I just realised that you did wear a veil for the beginning, but I didn't start thinking about not wearing a veil until I saw your hair and flower, which is what I was going for...

  5. Thanks y'all! I definitely couldn't have found a more perfect dress for me. And MAN does it look good in pictures! ;) Now I just need to get it cleaned...

    @Miss C: Yes, I'm totally thrilled with the pictures! No idea how I will narrow them down for an album or even decide which to make prints of. As for the veil, I just wore it for the church ceremony and the photos immediately after. As soon as we got on the bus to go to the reception I took it off! The flowers were in the whole time (but sorta hidden by the veil), and I am still in love with those pins. Handle and Spout made them!

    @sjhouser Glad you liked the kitties! It was important to me to get my sweet Little Man in there somewhere :) The cat in the slideshow pic is my parents'/the family's cat named Crazy Steve -- that picture totally cracks me up (my LM is in the background).