Tuesday, July 13, 2010

while the gettin's good

One of my wedding accessories was a lovely garter from the Etsy shop Florrie Mitton Couture. This is the Alice ivory lace garter, beautifully shot by Jesse of OLOL in my parents' front yard:

When I first spotted these garters back in the fall, I blogged about them, noting that my two favorites -- this one and a sweet swiss-dotted one that would match my dress -- both cost less than $30. What a steal!

By the time I eventually ordered the garter in early February, the cost for Alice had gone up to $36. (Shipping was an additional $12.50, but that's what I get for ordering something from the UK.) Noting the increase when I logged onto the shop's site, I figured I shouldn't waffle on this any longer, and that I liked it enough to go for it and not chance a still-higher price later on.

Today, a Weddingbee blogger posted about Florrie Mitton, so I thought I would check back to see how the prices were doing. Hot damn! These days, Alice will run a girl $59, plus shipping! And it's still the least expensive one on the page.

This is not to say that you shouldn't get yourself a Florrie Mitton garter if you like them -- by all means, buy one. I'm just glad I got in before demand got so high that her prices went that way too! Savvy businesswoman, that Florrie Mitton...

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  1. Holy moly! Never heard a better arguement for buying wedding stuff as soon as you see it ;)