Friday, August 6, 2010

More OLOL awesomeness

I know, I know, I said the recaps were coming... and they are! But first, I just have to share a few pictures from another OLOL wedding, because they are SO KILLER. Some of you might know Lauren, the lovely bride, from her blog I love you much, or perhaps as Mrs. Scissors of Weddingbee fame. If you don't, it goes without saying from looking at these photos that this chick is seriously creative and tons of fun.

Lauren and JP's wedding was featured on Rock 'n Roll Bride today and posted on the blog of love earlier this week, which is where I got these pics (with permission of the bride). Matt Miller is the mastermind behind the camera on this one. I love Lauren's dotted-swiss Christos dress (great minds) and her brilliant CMYK color scheme. Hooray for colorful, dotty Georgia weddings!

their awesome Smilebooth backdrop

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