Monday, August 9, 2010

Let me bring you up to speed...

Way back in June I started recapping our wedding weekend, mostly so I wouldn't forget any of the details I still had in my memory. I got as far as early Saturday afternoon, when we headed for the church, and then decided to hold off until our professional photos to arrive to continue.

Of course, Jesse arrived at my parents' house to document things as we were getting ready, but I didn't have any of her photos when I was writing nearly two months ago. Before we continue on to the ceremony, I want to revisit getting ready at home through Jesse's lens. Here are some of my favorite photos from that afternoon:

my hanky

my shoes, in the wild

the garter my friend Krista made for me!

the ukulele I gave Jon

the soles of my shoes, with those heart-shaped tread thingies on them

Crazy Steve (front) and Little Man, lounging in a cat bed in my parents' room

makeup (durr)

my sweet mama!

my gorgeous seester!

five of seven bridesmaids milling about, waiting for us to finish makeup

an awesome shot of the dining room table: cash, wedding program,
purses, my shoe box, World Cup issue of Vanity Fair

me in the makeup chair

makeup artist's tattoo, airbrush machine cord

our German calendar, which rarely gets changed, updated for the occasion by my dad

hair and makeup done -- the only thing left to do before
heading to the church is hug and kiss my sweet Little Man!

Coming up next: donning the dress!

*all photos courtesy of Our Labor of Love


  1. Aww that looks like a very relaxing morning - definately my kind of morning!

  2. German calendar? I've never seen such a thing, but it's really beautiful. Where did you get it, and how does it work?

  3. I suppose I would more correctly call it our German perpetual calendar. My grandpa got it somewhere, I'll have to ask my dad for details... he had one and gave my parents' one, and when he passed away I got his. Which reminds me, I need to bring it over to our apartment! You just slide the little wooden blocks with the arrows over to point to the day, date and month. I love it!