Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding day recap: cake, toasts & dances

After bidding our taxi-riding friend farewell in the driveway, we headed down the alley to the back door and inside to our little private space behind the curtain. All of our guests had been ushered into the main event space (the cocktail hour had used the entry hallway as well) to await our arrival...

When most everyone was inside, we left our table for two behind the curtain and stepped into the entry hallway, where the jazz quartet was breaking down their equipment. We thanked the musicians for playing the cocktail hour and got a few congratulatory hugs, and then took our place a little bit back from the doorway, waiting for Tom the DJ to give us a cue. We didn't have any music picked out for this, so I'm not really sure what he played (or if there was a song) and frankly, I haven't the foggiest how he introduced us! Kathleen and Jon Ross? That sounds about right. At any rate, we made our grand entrance into a room full of smiling, clapping friends and family, another exhilarating, indescribable moment in a day with dozens of them:

what am I doing with my arm here? oh goodness...

there, that's better.

That last photo gives you a pretty good sense of the room. The tables and food stations were in the outer thirds of the room, outside those sheer drapes, and the middle third was for dancing, wedding cake and a big double bar.

Speaking of cake, not long after we ate (which was immediately, at the instruction of Amanda, our coordinator) it was time to cut the cakes. We had requested a Wynton Marsalis-Bobby McFerrin collaboration as musical accompaniment for these moments, but neglected to ever send it to the DJ... oops! When she gave me the five-minutes-til-cake-time warning Amanda asked after this. I told her the DJ didn't have the tune since we'd never sent it, so he could just play whatever. He ended up choosing Candy Girl by the Archies, which Jon and I had picked apart in our grad-school pop music seminar one day. Good call, Tom!

The main wedding cake was red velvet iced in buttercream on the outside with cream-cheese icing between the layers (NOM); the groom's cake, which was only vaguely shaped like Idaho, was German chocolate cake. Both were delicious! The lovely cake topper was made by the ├╝ber talented Ashley Meaders of Flashdance fame.

Next up, toasts! The following picture pretty well summarizes our reactions to all of them:

Jon's brother Matthew kicked things off. He's working to become a TV writer and he's hilarious, so he knocked it out of the park and set the bar high.

I'm pretty sure that, in the above photo, he's just referenced the
first time he came to my apartment, saw all my Waffle House
memorabilia and wondered if I was a nutbar.

Next up was my big sister Emily, who totally outdid herself with a weddingy riff on The Night Before Christmas. It rhymed and everything! Holy crap!

I think my dad spoke next, but I'm not entirely certain. He gave a toast that my late Grandpa Fred (mama's daddy) had brought back from his years in the Navy. It's a family tradition that someone give this toast at big occasions. Dad told the story of how Grandpa found the toast and read from a copy one of mom's cousins had done in calligraphy for us.

Last but never least, my big brother Matt wrapped things up with a short and sweet toast to me and Jon. I love this picture, because it sort of looks like he's singing to us:

After the toasts, we went straight into the formal dances everyone usually does. First up, Jon and I danced to Blossom Dearie's rendition of 'Deed I do:

Next, my dad and I showed off our sweet (and hard-earned) dance moves to Frank Sinatra's version of The Way You Look Tonight. (Same as Bill and Chelsea Clinton, I read! But we did it first. HA.)

And, last up before the dance party really kicked off, Jon and his mom Susan took a spin around the floor to the Beatles' In My Life.

Susan is one happy mama, isn't she? I love these shots.

Next up, things get all wild and hairy on the dance floor...

*all photos courtesy of Our Labor of Love


  1. You look like a sweet yet elegant southern princess :) GRIT with your lovely pearls :) You and your wedding looked fun and simply beautiful!

  2. kathleen, i just spent the better part of this work week catching up on your blog/wedding told such a great story. and your wedding photos? STUNNING. you look so beautiful. congrats!