Monday, August 23, 2010

Wedding day recap: a cocktail hour of photo fun!

About 15 minutes after pulling out of the church parking lot, the minibus turned into the Puritan Mill development. Amanda, our super awesome coordinator, was waiting at the gate to greet us. The bus stopped so Jesse, Jon and I could hop off, then pulled around to drop the wedding party at the main entrance to the reception so they could enjoy the cocktail hour.

Whitney appeared about a minute later, and then the five of us (photogs, coordinator, me and Jon) took an alley to the back door of our venue. Inside, behind a curtain that hid the area from our guests, there was a table set for two with some hors d'oeuvres, water and, of course, champagne. Amanda popped it open and poured us each a glass (such service!), and we sat down for a moment while Jesse made a pit stop and Whitney went to fiddle with the Smilebooth. Jon and I had a few nibbles and practiced some turns as the jazz quartet played on the other side of the curtain to make sure we could dance in our wedding garb without damaging ourselves or my dress.

After about five minutes and a couple glasses of water, we headed back outside with Jesse & Whitney. We started off in the alleyway (the first two pictures below) and basically worked our way across the property taking photos. My favorite backdrop has got to be what looks to be a wall of kudzu -- actually a fence and a hill blanketed by the leafy vines. People who have seen our photos have been surprised to learn that we didn't go anywhere off-site for these pictures... just to the parking lot behind the building next door!

my skirt really liked to pick up odds and ends
(like these twigs) over the course of the evening

actually playing paper scissors rock (yes, that's what I call it)

After the kudzu portion of the photo session, we stopped in a rusty old loading dock and in front of what I assume used to be a warehouse. I love these photos too. (Of course. I pretty much say that about all of them.)

Amanda came out at some point, or maybe she texted Whitney, to say that we needed to be back inside to make our big entrance into the reception in about five minutes, so we wrapped things up with a few more shots and headed back.

As we were about to cross the driveway back to the main building, a taxi was pulling up to the exit. The rear window rolled down and out popped our friend David, who was on his way to the airport to catch the last flight back to New York that night. We ran over to hug him and thank him for coming, and either Jesse or Whitney snapped this photo of us. Later, Jon and I kept talking about what perfect timing that was, and how glad we were to have been with our photographers then to capture the moment!

Next up, we'll get the party started with some dancing, cake and toasts!

*all photos courtesy of
Our Labor of Love


  1. Oh man, this series might be my favorite. Amazing!

  2. What a sweet, playful photo shoot!

  3. Your wedding looks so beautiful! I'm planning a wedding too! Where did you have your ceremony and reception? THanks for the info!

  4. ok aside from beautiful pictures and beautiful people, your hair is just fantastic!

  5. Kathleen you looked so lovely in your dress! You looked like a million bucks in it :)

  6. Thanks Molly and Annie! Yeah, my stylist did an amaaazing job -- it totally held up all night. As did the dress! :)