Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding day recap: the main event!

When we left off last week, my dad and I were just crossing the threshold into the sanctuary. Up until that point, I had been cool as a cucumber. All day, people had been asking me how I felt. "Pretty normal," I'd respond. Basically right up until they opened the doors I was fine; not jumpy or nervous or anything.

It hit me like a ton of bricks when I stepped into the church, though. The "oh shit" moment I wrote about in the last post was a rush of surreal and overwhelming and bursting with happiness and buzzing excitement. I started off down the aisle grinning wide, transitioned to what I imagine was a not terribly attractive not-gonna-cry face for the middle third and managed to pull myself together for about the last leg. (Meanwhile, Jon was staring at the wall. Ah well.) I don't remember how quickly or slowly we walked or how much of the processional the organist got through by the time I arrived up front; the start of the ceremony is frankly a blur. Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to seeing the video my friend took.

I love this picture - it was taken during the hymn, while I was
cracking up the best man with my lusty singing of
"Come thou fount of ev'ry blessing"

a good shot of the wedding party (while Kasi reads a Neruda sonnet)

this gives you a good sense of the space

This is one of my favorite pictures. The pianist is one of
my former teachers and dearest friends

this was a total musical dream team

giving Jon his ring

then, when Jon went to give me my ring, I sensed that he was going for
the wrong hand (my right), so I sort of helped him out and stuck
out my left hand. The whole place erupted in laughter!

finally has the correct hand, still laughing

the kiss!

I think this one is so cool, how I'm looking down and
Jon's looking up... I dunno. Something about it.

aaaand we're off!

Married! (wow, that still seems kinda weird.)

Coming up next: more portraits than you could possibly care to look at. I promise to edit!

*all photos courtesy of Our Labor of Love

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