Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wedding day recap: Oh, the anticipation!

Bet you thought the ceremony was up next, huh? Nope, not yet! Since I'm breaking things up into easy-to-manage chunks of photos, we've got a little more time to kill before I hit the aisle. These are the moments of oh-crap-it's-happening that hit as our friends and family filled the church and the prelude drew to a close.

one of my girlfriends (whom I enlisted as a program attendant!)
came to see me all fancied up and give me a hug before the ceremony

the girls grabbed their bouquets

and I dried off the stems of my bouquet so I wouldn't drip water down my dress

Jon's brother Matthew and their mom Susan, ready and waiting in the narthex

Mama and my brother Matt, also ready to get this party started

some of the girls chatting in the hallway (Krista, at right, was also a program attendant)

This picture cracks me up. Do you think Dad's a little nervous maybe? Or something?

lined up!

MEANWHILE, on the other side of the sanctuary, David (the minister) and Jon yuk it up

Ok, back to the ladies. Maid of honor Emily helps me sort out my skirt for its big debut!

last-minute questions for the sweet church lady

sister and best friend exchange I'm-gonna-cry looks

it's just me and daddy now... (and Amanda, coordinator extraordinaire!)

laughing our way to the top of the aisle... no idea what we talked about!

all smiles

a look of zen-like calm? panic? it's not entirely clear.

And we're off!
I think I was doing fine until this very moment,
when I recall turning to Dad and saying, "Holy shit!"

Well, clearly you all know what happens from here... but I'm going to show you pictures of it anyway. Up next: the ceremony!

*all photos courtesy of Our Labor of Love


  1. "Holy shit!" Hahaha I love it!

  2. GORGEOUS photos! I love love love the one of you looking back

  3. beautiful photographs! i love your flowers they are so unusual and such unusual colours put together! ( im slightly flower obsessed when it comes to weddings as my mum is a wedding florst) :) x

  4. Thanks y'all! Vicki, I knew I wanted shades of red and blue, but I was slightly afraid it would come out all god-bless-america patriotic... totally didn't, much to my relief! Our florist did a great job. Thanks for commenting!