Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding day recap: pre-ceremony portraits

After nearly two solid months of temperatures in the 90s here in Atlanta, the weather on our wedding day now seems positively balmy. It was actually quite lovely, and pretty standard for May in these parts; the high was somewhere in the mid-80s, I think. Regardless, it was hot enough that we were sweating in no time once we went outside for photos on the church lawn. Jesse assured us that she'd let us know if we looked like we were wilting. I definitely got a lot of use out of my embroidered hanky as a blotter!

this is one of my favorites. we're on the front steps of the church overlooking the lawn

lining up for another shot -- I had to swing wide to make sure my skirt didn't bunch up

proudly displaying my wedding hanky without meaning
to at all. what's really going on is that my bridesmaids are
picking ants out from between the tulle layers on my skirt!

meanwhile, the guys were hiding out (with Jon's best friend Kasi)
in the media center awaiting their turn with the photographers

back inside, we took pictures of me with each of the bridesmaids.
(Jon et al did this too, but those files were corrupt/lost. Boo!)

others waiting for their turn

Josephine rests her feet

sounds good to me! taking a break on a pew.

looking down the side aisle through the window in the door

photography gold, I tell you what!

probably the best bridal pic of me from the whole affair

After we were all done, we retreated to the parlor again. The guys headed out to the church lawn for pictures before the guests started to arrive. Some of the bridesmaids watched through the window to see what kooky things the guys would get up to in their photo session.

so far so good

my brother, Jon and Dante, one of our grad school classmates

High fives! (Sorry Dave, none for you.)

I forget what this dance move is called, but it's pretty
awesome frozen on film. priceless looks all around.

okay, last one. make it extra dapper!

Man, these photo recap posts could go on for weeks... there are just so many amazing pictures to share! I'm really trying to be economical with them. Anyway, come back tomorrow for more lovely photos from Our Labor of Love!

*all photos courtesy of Our Labor of Love


  1. I'm absolutely loving your wedding re-caps - these photos are stunning!


  2. Stunning photos. Love them.

    I love that pic of you with the hanky! Can't believe the story behind it!