Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm a guest-bloggin' fool

Yep! two more posts up today. I promise to stop linking to other things and start blogging again for real next week, but I busted my ass writing these so I figured I could take it easy while they were running. Enjoy!


  1. I feel like every time I read one of your posts, I fall a little more in love. The honey favors? The DIY letterpress invitations?

    But best of all, your ceremony! Love the music choices (especially i carry your heart), and I was tickled when you said that one of your readings was Neruda's Love Sonnet 17-the first song John wrote for me used Sonnet 17 for its poetry!

  2. haha thanks! The setting of the e.e. cummings was absolute magic -- a piece of awesome new music by a 30-yr-old female composer. you can hear it here, sung by a baritone (though I think I like it better from a soprano, as we had it):

    totally stunning! Maybe I'll be able to get a sound file of the performance from the video my friend took.

    um, also, so lovely that your John writes you songs!

  3. Kathleen, her work is amazing! Where did you find her? This is absolutely my favorite setting on this poem yet!

    And yes, it's pretty amazing to have a John that writes you songs. They're always perfectly suited to my voice, so that they just feel like playing. I love them!