Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Smilebooth + Blurb = Awesome

Tonight I wrapped up a post-wedding project that's been in the works for a while: making a Blurb book of our favorite Smilebooth photos. Over the course of the reception more than 600 Smilebooth photos were taken, many of which are total keepers, so making a book seemed like the most efficient, cost-effective and accessible thing to do with our digital negatives. We'll keep it on our coffee table and have a good chuckle every now and then when we crack it open.

Wanna see? Of course you do! Check out the full preview below...

In the end, I used about 185 photos. Not even a third of the total! (That's not to say that I think more should have been bookworthy, just that I thought I was using a ton and I barely made a dent! Plus, there are plenty of duplicate pics.) I came out with 64 10"x 8" pages, which will be printed on premium paper and shipped to me for a grand total of $44.35 (I had a coupon for the paper upgrade, which saved about $6.50).

This will make a nice companion to our guestbook (also a Blurb production) since a lot of guests missed one thing or the other. Putting them both together should give us a good record of who all was at the wedding when we can't remember anymore!

Did you (would you) have a photobooth at your wedding reception? What did (would) you do with all the pictures after the wedding?


  1. Love your blurb book. Looks awesome! You managed to get some pretty high quality photos of your guests!
    We're doing a similar thing but we've bought a digital photo frame that we are going to load all of our pics onto for display after the wedding :)
    Hope our photos come out as awesome as yours!

  2. AAAAAAMAZING! What I'm noting from this...Abby spent a lot of time in the photobooth.

  3. Awesome!!! Love it - what a fab idea! x

  4. What an fantastic idea! I love, love, love Blurb books-totally idiot proof and fantastic looking.

    Also, these are genius.

  5. Love Blurb! And your book is so sweet. We didn't do a photobooth at our wedding, but we do have a lot of great party shots from our reception that I'm considering putting into a book of their own.