Friday, September 10, 2010

Wedding day recap: a few details

Alright, before I leave the insanely awesome photos from Jesse & Whitney behind, I want to show you juuuust a few more that didn't fit into any of the aforementioned recap categories. I'm glad they took a few people-less detail shots! It's nice to have these aspects of the day captured close-up. Here we go:

DIY guestbook courtesy of Blurb, frame from IKEA,
awesome engagement photos by OLOL

Table 1 -- that's us! This was our "economical" centerpiece option. I'm
slightly underwhelmed, but I also didn't even notice when I was there!

Another of the lower-cost centerpieces. (I do wish they'd gotten a real
one! No biggie.) I thought I was being clever getting heavier paper for
the table numbers, but I clearly should have reinforced with some paper
in between... I don't think this show-through was all that common though.

Beautiful cake table with beautiful flowers! Those
lovely red peonies up front are what the mamas held.

Just a pretty shot.

DIY honey favors from my dad's backyard beehives with their cute sign.

Last but not least, here are some of the awesome ring photos Jesse & Whitney took. I love what they did! Clearly I don't have dainty girl-hands, because my ring is almost as big as Jon's... but then again, he doesn't have massive man-hands either. Oh well! The first one is of our wedding rings, but they actually used my engagement ring for the last two (probably because you couldn't otherwise tell which was the man-ring and which was the lady-ring. [Not that there is anything wrong with two man-rings or two lady-rings!]).

Ok, so that really brings us to the end of the pro-pic recaps. However! I have yet to tell you about the raging after-party in the hotel bar! Coming soon...

(Also, did anyone else have basically same-sized rings, or am I a sausage-fingered freak? ;))

*all photos courtesy of Our Labor of Love


  1. you know, our rings look almost the same size too. i thought i was the only one. :)

    i see so many teeny wedding bands next to big, manly bands and i get insecure. haha! such a silly thing to be silly about. silly!

    twins!!! yay!

  2. Those rings shots are amazing! I'm so glad they captured all those little details, since they're so dreamy!