Friday, September 17, 2010

Wedding weekend recap: brunch and everything after

Despite our late bedtime after the wedding, we set a wake-up call for 8:30 or so on Sunday morning. My folks were hosting a farewell brunch for our guests from out of town starting at 10 a.m., and my sister was planning to pick up me and Jon at the W on her way over. The first order of business was a shower (and a call to the concierge for a brush and/or comb, since I had neglected to pack mine). I think I washed my hair twice and still felt like it had hairspray in it... yick.

Once we were showered and presentably dressed, we called the concierge for a cart to help us carry our stuff -- not that we had much, but the combination of many small bags + wedding dress was a bit unwieldy. We gave up waiting on the bellhop to come and I slung my dress over my arm -- much easier to carry than I had anticipated -- and headed for the elevator. Before we left, I took a picture of the view from our room, looking out over Piedmont Park. Not bad, huh?

We arrived at mom and dad's all bright and shiny, much to the surprise of most everyone who was already there. I actually didn't feel bad at all (didn't drink much) and wasn't too tired yet at that point, so I was good to go. I hung up my dress in my bedroom and then made a beeline for the food. We enlisted Avalon Catering to do our brunch, and it was AMAZING. Check out this delicious menu:

Asparagus with olive oil
Red Mule grits with Flatcreek cheddar cheese
Early summer tomato and fresh herb salad and lettuce
Local farm egg frittata with spring greens, young garlic and sweet Italian peppers
Angel biscuits filled with Benton’s Country ham slices
Banana bread, griddled brioche, blueberry muffins
Sweet Grass Dairy Green Hill and Thomasville Tomme cheeses
Riverview Farms strawberries and sliced melon

Don't mind if I do, right? Damn. It was so good. We loved it, all the guests loved it, the two catering staffers were super nice -- couldn't have been better.

Friends and family came and went all morning and into the afternoon. Here are a couple of the very few pictures I took, featuring my friends from summer camp:

A couple of hours in, Jon and I landed out on the screen porch with some of our grad-school classmates -- they all had pretty late flights out, which was awesome because we got this extra time to visit with them! We ate and laughed and hung out until around 2:30 or so (I think) when they had to head out.

One last group photo!

Once all of our guests had left, Jon went with his mom and stepdad to get his car from the church parking lot and head home while I stayed back with my folks a bit longer. Eventually we loaded up all the gifts people had brought to the wedding and the brunch into my car and I drove back to our apartment.

It was probably 4:30 when I got home to our place. Jon helped me bring the presents inside, I broke out my master gift-tracking spreadsheet, and we went to work opening them! About halfway through that process Jon's family turned up, so we all walked to the neighborhood burger joint (Jon's favorite) for one last dinner together before Jon's stepbrothers had to head for the airport. As we walked back home after the meal we said our farewells in the street, and once Jon and I got inside we collapsed on the sofa.

I don't really remember the specifics of what came next, probably because I was totally exhausted from the excitement of the weekend... Jon wanted to watch the LOST finale, and I couldn't have cared less about it, so I believe he went to his brother's room at the W for that while I stayed home and packed for the honeymoon. I think my sister came over to visit that evening, but I'm not totally sure...

I was really glad that we planned to leave for our honeymoon on Monday rather than Sunday -- it was so nice to have that extra day to visit with people a little more (since we'd hardly had a chance at the wedding itself) and to decompress a bit. I highly recommend it! We reminisced and relaxed with out families on Sunday, and, bright and shiny Monday morning, we were off to exotic Canada!

Thus concludes my very thorough recap of wedding events. I told one of my friends this was as much for my own memory as it was for sharing with y'all. Thanks for indulging me!


  1. thanks! glad you've enjoyed it :)

  2. i agree...leaving for the honeymoon on monday is the way to go. it was so nice to sleep in our own bed on sunday night after the craziness of the week and before a stretch of hotel rooms. looking forward to your new content on ead!