Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wildcat pride

Do any of y'all's high schools have alumni magazines? Well, mine does -- which may seem sort of odd, but oh well -- so whenever anyone from high school gets hitched we have to take the obligatory Westminster picture for the alumni mag. At my wedding we tried to DIY it and squish everyone into the Smilebooth, but that didn't exactly work out...

Fortunately, the Riggs family was on hand to save the day -- Brock, my friend, was our videographer, and his mom Bethany is a professional photographer. Bethany saw that the Smilebooth approach clearly wasn't cutting it and appeared with her big honking camera with its big honking professional flash out of nowhere, ushering us all out of the Smilebooth so we could pose for her. (Note: she wasn't super happy with the way the pictures came out, but kindly sent them anyway!) We didn't get the whole Westminster contingent (notably absent is my brother, and some of the older guests had left early I'm guessing), but this is still a pretty strong showing if I do say so myself:

So, now I can send this in and prove to my former classmates that I still have friends. Go 'Cats!


  1. awww this is sweet! a bunch of my buddies at the wedding were high school, middle school and even elem school friends. so good to keep sharing memories with good folks!

  2. That's awesome! Yeah, I should have probably noted that my school has an alumni mag because it's a k-12 situation, so a lot of these folks were in school with me from age 5 on. I've also got some teachers in the mix! I'm compulsive about keeping in touch with people, which made the guest list process sort of difficult, but it was so great to share the day with so many longtime friends!

  3. So sweet! I went to a K-8 school, but I admit, I think only a handful of them would make the cut!