Saturday, October 2, 2010

a bridal portrait worth taking

I didn't have any bridal portraits taken before the wedding; in fact, I'm not really sure how I feel about the practice. Mostly, I dislike incurring all of that pretty-making cost more than once when you could just take some solo pictures on your wedding day. (Though I suppose if you set the shoot up for the days you do trial runs of hair and/or makeup it wouldn't be any extra... unless you go to the trouble of getting a bouquet. Oh yeah, and you have to pay the photographer...) And what if you somehow stain or otherwise mess up your dress? It just seems risky and unnecessary. Plus, the whole oversized-bridal-portrait-on-display at the wedding reception thing is sort of weird. I mean, you're right there! In your wedding dress! Who needs to look at a portrait? (And what about the groom?)

But I digress. I came across a bridal portrait about a month ago that was so awesome I simply had to share it. Being a conscientious blogger, I emailed Millie Holloman, the photographer, to ask permission to do so, and she requested that I hold off until the bride's wedding day so that her intended wouldn't happen across it online somehow. Since the couple's big day is today, I'm at last in the clear to post this most excellent portrait! Bride Hannah picked the spot, and Millie captured it in all its glory:

click to enlarge

How rad is this? If I had a location like this (and the vision to pick it for photos) I definitely would have gone for a bridal session. I can't wait to see what their wedding is like!

Brides, did you do a bridal portrait before the wedding? If yes, did you display a portrait on your wedding day? What are your thoughts?


  1. I am not doing a bridal portrait before the wedding. I am not a big fan of having my picture taken anyhow. I personally think the focus should be on both the groom and bride. Although the above photo is great. Makes one rethink the whole idea of the bridal portrait.

  2. This is awesome.

    I agree with you about bridal portraits-they seem so dangerous! The likelihood I'd muss myself up seems much too great.

  3. That is a freaking great bridal portrait! Definitely agree...location determines whether or not you'll have a photo shoot alone before...I think it's cute when the groom and bride have a couple photos taken separately, but only if they're interesting shots.

  4. OMG NA AH!

    first things that came out of my mouth when i saw that photo. forreal.