Tuesday, October 12, 2010

married to the Braves

Sorry for the disappearance/light posting of late -- I think the last two weeks of my free time went to cheering on the Atlanta Braves! Alas, it was not enough to pull them through. Last night the Braves lost to the San Francisco Giants in an NLDS nail-biter, ending their 2010 season as well as the storied career of retiring manager Bobby Cox:

Bobby Cox photo courtesy twitter.com/braves

What does all this have to do with weddings? you might be thinking. Quite a bit, actually, in some circles! The weekend before last, the Braves played their last home games of the regular season, which would determine whether or not they'd have a postseason. (If there was no postseason, the games would also have been Bobby Cox's last.) Ami from Elizabeth Anne Designs and her husband Scott drove all the way from Chicago to come watch the Braves -- they're originally from South Carolina, hence the rabid Braves fan-dom. Having just wrapped up a guest-blogging stint on EAD, I was excited when Ami mentioned she might have time to meet up while she was in town. And meet up we did! We had a delicious lunch at South City Kitchen in midtown. Not only is SCK owned by the same restaurant group that provided food for my wedding, it's also where Ami and Scott hosted a brunch the day after their epic vow renewal on New Year's Eve 2008.

Which brings me to my point! Ami and Scott eloped back in 1998, so for their tenth anniversary they went all out in Atlanta. You can look through Ami's recaps at the link above for the ceremony and reception photos, but I'm going to focus on their welcome party here, which they held at the Braves' own Turner Field! It's not uncommon for parties, rehearsal dinners and even weddings to be held at sports stadiums, and Ami and Scott did an excellent job planning what looks to be a killer party at the Ted.

Before the welcome party got underway Ami and Scott, along with photographers Jessica Claire, Mark Brooke and Michael Norwood, ran all around the Braves stadium for a photo session. (All photos by Jessica Claire unless otherwise noted.) Check out this awesomeness!

photo by Mark Brooke

photo by Michael Norwood

How happy is that last photo? (And how sweet are ALL of those photos?) Once Ami and Scott were finished in front of the camera, they met their guests in the 755 Club for the welcome party. They started off with a stadium tour, including the clubhouse and the press box, and returned to the event space to eat ballpark favorites and compete in some festive Braves-related contests Ami and Scott had come up with. I love all the Braves details (Chipper Chardonnay is totally tasty, y'all) and the Smoltz-jersey guest book!

photo by Michael Norwood

This is such an awesome way to incorporate something you love into your wedding festivities. I personally wouldn't go so far as to have my actual wedding in a ballpark, but I think it would be great for a rehearsal dinner or some other sort of party like this one. Here's the whole party gang on the Braves dugout:

Here's a quick recap: Bad blogger --> Bobby Cox retirement --> Braves fans --> parties at ballparks --> most excellent pre-wedding Braves party! It all comes together. Thanks to Ami for letting me share her rad ballpark photos with y'all! GO BRAVES!


  1. aw, thank you my dear for the sweet sweet post. seeing those photos makes me relive that day all over again and breaks my heart again that there is no more bobby when we go to turner field.


  2. oh and i forgot to say, this was totally featured in choptalk too! which naturally made my year. :)

  3. How adorable! Growing up, we were big Braves fans (in NJ, of all places!) because one of my dad's clients was the team's psychologist. We scored tickets to the 7th game of the World Series between the Braves and the Yankees in '96-I still remember the game!

  4. @Ami - that's awesome it was in ChopTalk! Jon does some freelancing for them :)

    @la petite coquine - It warms my heart to know that you were a Braves fan in NJ. Totally sweet that y'all got those tickets!!

  5. Chipper Chardonnay! Amazing! Such a cute party.