Thursday, October 21, 2010

on the holidays, continued...

I've made an effort to send Christmas cards ever since I graduated college in 2005, but, unfortunately, not in any sort of organized manner. In the past, I've handwritten notes inside store-bought cards or glued them onto the back of Shutterfly-made photo cards, which created a lot (LOT) of work for me. So much that have I set aside cards for VIPs, wanting to be sure to take time to send thoughtful notes, and have never gotten around to writing them. (OOPS. Sorry, very important people!)

Despite my past failings, I'm determined to become a regular sender of holiday cards. This year, I've got up-to-date addresses for family and friends near and far as well as some pretty damn awesome professional photos of me and the mister, so it's gonna happen and it's gonna be good. I resolve to not write long notes (having just sent most of these people wedding thank-yous), which will ensure that I get cards to everyone on my list!

The possibility exists that I will design and letterpress my own greetings and slap on a picture, but in the (very likely) event that I do not have the time for such a project, I've been looking around online for options. I've eliminated offerings from Shutterfly and other generic photo printing sites due to lame designs, and wasn't having a lot of luck elsewhere until earlier today, when this blog directed me to Minted's holiday collection of photo cards. DUH. Why didn't I think to look here?

There are so many hip, festive, uncluttered designs (and some cluttered ones too, if that's your thing) to choose from I don't even know where to begin. Here are some of the ones that caught my eye on the first pass-through:

Pretty cool, huh? I'll let you know what I land on. I'm taking a letterpress holiday card workshop (mostly as a refresher course) next month and obviously some cards will come out of that, but I don't know if they'll be the cards I send out.

Aside from choosing the cards, we have to decide who will be on the list of card recipients. Should it be just those out-of-town folks we don't see often? Our closest friends? My parents send a Christmas card and letter to some family members and old friends, but it's a list of about 30. Some of my friends' parents send a cards to all of their friends. I'm more inclined toward the latter, but I also know how postage (and stationery) can add up. Next year, holiday card costs are gonna be a line item in the budget! (You know, the budget I haven't started making yet... ha.)

Do any of y'all send holiday cards? How do you pick who gets them? Have you found any awesome, reasonably priced purveyors of custom holiday cards? Do tell!


  1. Have I told you how incredibly cool I think it is that you letterpressed all your own stationary? Seriously, too cool.

    My family has never been organized enough to get holiday cards out, but I've been toying with the idea of sending them this year, since John and I are in SF and so far from our families these days. We'll have to see if I find or create something I'm absolutely crazy about!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. these are lovely!! and letterpressed cards sound delicious!

    we did lino-block prints on our holiday cards. just some simple text wishing everyone a joyous holiday season. not sure what we'll do this year. the lino-block was easy. we used them like a stamp since we don't have access to a press. please share your letterpress efforts! i'd love to live vicariously through your card making!