Thursday, October 28, 2010

pro pics of my amateur invitations!

If you've been following this blog all along, you'll certainly remember my thorough account of the invitation-printing process; if you picked up at some point after our invitations went out in late March, please direct your attention to the "invitations" tag for the whole tale. Long story short, I learned how to letterpress and then made our whole invitation suite!

After all the effort I put into the invitations, I completely forgot to set a few aside to be photographed on our wedding day when Jesse came to my parents' house to catch us getting ready. DOH. You always see these beautiful pictures of invitation suites, but no one ever tells you that you need to set them out for the photographer! (Or maybe they do, on those exhaustive shot list blog posts I completely ignored...)

At any rate, Jesse graciously agreed to snap a few shots of our pretty invitations for me after the fact (you can see my own attempt at documentation here). Here are her lovely shots of our totally amazing, excellent invitations!

photos by Jesse at Our Labor of Love

Now, aren't you impressed? You should be! (Kidding. Not entirely.) Thank you, Jesse!


  1. How beautiful! I would be so excited to get that in the mail :)

  2. simple and clean design. i LOVE the type choices.

    and the bakers twine is lovely. i'm always amazed how something as simple as bakers twine can make something so freaking cute.

  3. How gorgeous! So glad you guys got such amazing shots of all your hard work!

  4. These are completely beautiful! Great typefaces and the twine is FANTASTIC! I love them! (great photos too!)