Thursday, November 18, 2010

holiday cards: done and done

As much as I would have liked to design and letterpress our first family holiday card, well... it just wasn't going to happen. November starts and my life gets crazy for the next two months with holiday concerts and church choir rehearsals and running around in general. Maybe the time change has something to do with it...

Anyway, when I saw all the awesome design options on minted, I decided to take the old reliable throw-money-at-it approach with my holiday card quandary. I found some coupon codes online to lessen the damage to my credit card and ordered away. Here's what we ended up with:

Now, normally I would go the "happy holidays" route as opposed to "merry christmas" to ensure that the sentiment catches all of my friends, but none of those designs appealed as much as this one did, or worked as well with our card-friendly photos. Merry Christmas it is!

It's a flat card, but at minted you can get exciting things printed on the back, so I did. There's another photo in the corner, and we wrote a quick rundown of our year to go with it. It's short and sweet -- a nice happy medium between a photo card and a Christmas letter, I think, and one that befits our station in life.

This coming Sunday I'm taking a letterpress holiday card workshop that will yield another 25 cards, so I've got some something to send in case I run out of the ones from minted. I'm feeling pretty good that I'll have them all in hand before November's out, though. Hopefully that means I'll get them in the mail before the new year!


  1. those are SO beautiful! i love them!!

  2. I absolutely adore these-they look beautiful!

  3. These turned out really great!

    And THANK YOU for being original & not posting a blog about snapfish - I feel like every other blog post in my reader is about Snapfish! LOL :)