Tuesday, November 9, 2010

holiday/wedding tchotchkes

Last week, the Christmas tree stand that takes over the middle school playing field behind my house began setting up, and last night I had my first symphony chorus rehearsal of holiday repertoire. Somehow, it's November! This fact, along with the intermittently chilly weather outside, has me thinking once again about all things holiday festive.

In particular, I've been pondering Christmas ornaments. (Not a huge surprise from the girl who had an ornament shower around this time last year.) I first started thinking in terms of Otto and Little Man, and how maybe we should get some of those picture-framey ornaments so they are represented on our tree. That led to thinking about a "puppy's first Christmas" ornament -- do such things exist? Am I crazy enough to try and find out? -- and then, of course, an "our first Christmas" ornament for me and Jon.

(Nevermind that I bought a snowboarding miniature moose keychain on our Canadian honeymoon that I will convert into a Christmas tree ornament. Nevermind the ceramic maple leaf ornament my parents gave us after a summer trip to Vancouver, or the painted porcelain bauble Jon brought home from Amsterdam last week. What I definitely need is another Christmas ornament, right?)

In an extremely brief search of Etsy and Macy's, this came out on top:

I like how it marks the year and conveys wedding without saying "our first Christmas together." (It's really not our first Christmas together, just the first one for which we've been married.) I also like that it's blue. Normally I don't go for this sort of cheesy trinket, but when it comes to Christmas ornaments, I am a total sap.

Is anyone else out there considering a holiday somesuch to commemorate a significant year or event? I'm probably going to end up buying this, even though part of me thinks it's a little bit lame... but hey, some future generation will probably think it's pretty sweet.


  1. can't wait for christmas. we're celebrating hannukah and christmas a little more festively this year. we didn't decorate our house and i'm really looking forward to doing it this month.

    LOVE that you had an ornament shower! wish it was something we could have done.

    and oh crap. hannukah starts in two weeks. eeeep!

  2. I'm with Angie-I'm wild for the idea of an ornament shower!

    My parents have a tree full of ornaments they've collected over the years, and I absolutely love seeing their lives together when I bring them down from the attic! I'm with you-not one for tchotchkes, with the important exception of holiday ornaments!

  3. love the idea of an ornament shower, missy. my mom and i started a tradition of picking an ornament from something monumental that we did that year every Christmas...two years ago, I started getting Isaiah and my mom ornaments...i think they're one of the best gifts..

  4. Yeah, the ornament shower was super fun and really added a lot of sweet and meaningful things to my tree! I have often brought my parents xmas ornaments as souvenirs from places I've been, and I started amassing my own collection during my year abroad in college. (Germany -- TOTAL JACKPOT with the Christmas markets!)

    I love that pretty much everything I put on my tree has a friend or a memory associated with it! I also love hearing the stories of mom and dad's ornaments -- every year when we help them decorate the tree at home, we talk about where things came from as we hang them on the tree. Since my grandparents passed away my parents have inherited some of the ornaments that they loved as children, and of course they have all the sentimental crappy ones we kids made through school -- so much history in one place!