Monday, November 15, 2010

Unique Floral Expressions: killer flowers that won't kill your budget

It's been so long since I started the whole recap process on the blog that I almost forgot I hadn't reviewed a few of my most excellent vendors, as promised. So! Today I wanted to write a bit about the awesome florist we worked with, Julie Coffin, and show some more gorgeous pictures of the bouquets, etc.

Julie's company is Unique Floral Expressions, and it's based out of her home in Marietta, which helps her keep costs down. A friend's mother had told my mom during some wedding chatter that one simply could not obtain proper wedding flowers in Atlanta for less than $5,000, so when our initial estimate came in at less than half that amount, Mama and I both were pretty thrilled.

We liked Julie from the moment she welcomed us into her home. Our first of two meetings lasted for nearly two hours because she was so easy to talk to and so thorough and helpful. Like a dutiful bride, I had been clipping photos of flowers I liked. Most of the photos involved dahlias, which, as it happens, are definitely not in season in May. Oops! Julie steered me toward the beautiful peony instead. Such a good call, as you can see:

We kept in touch via email during the planning-lull months, and mom and I met with Julie one more time closer to the wedding to talk about numbers and a few changes before we finalized the proposal. My main concern was that, having chosen to go with bright colors and shades of blue and red, the bouquets and altar flowers would be too God-Bless-America. Julie completely understood that I wanted different textures and gradations of color in my bouquet and knew exactly how to make it entirely non-patriotic. My flowers were so much more beautiful than I ever imagined!

Julie did the usual wedding party flowers -- bouquets for the girls, boutonnieres for the guys -- except that our mothers carried nosegays rather than wearing corsages. These were made of the same gorgeous red peonies I had in my bouquet as well as some freesia, I think. (You can see one of the nosegays in the picture below, second bunch of flowers from the left.) They looked great against our moms' dark dresses.

In addition to the wedding party flowers, Julie created a lovely altar arrangement for the ceremony, decorated our cake with red ranunculus and cornflowers (above), arranged 25 centerpieces (none of which I ever saw -- I was seated at a candle-heavy-centerpiece table), and made a lovely tossing bouquet (so that any of the girls who cared to could hang onto hers).

Last but not least, Julie also provided plenty of flower petals for our guests to throw at us at the end of the night as we left the reception. White flower petals were pretty much the only thing we were allowed to toss at our venue. I was originally hoping for confetti, but this was the next best thing. I love this shot:

If anyone out there is looking for a brilliant florist in the Atlanta area who is easy to work with and easy on your budget, give Julie at Unique Floral Expressions a call. She did an amazing job for us. I couldn't have been happier with her work!

*all photos by Our Labor of Love


  1. So pretty. I love that last shot. Funny enough, I wanted peonies more than anything but they tried to steer me toward dahlias. LOL

  2. oh man! the flowers are completely beautiful! jeeeeez. she did an excellent job!

  3. Such gorgeous flowers. I'm super impressed by your ingenious florist, and you know how I feel about that singular photo of you!