Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seven months, one DVD, a plethora of thoughts

Today, being the 22nd, marks another month of weddedness for me and Jon. Seven months! It doesn't seem like it's been such a long time, but the wedding seems so far removed these days.

As luck would have it, I now have a handy means of calling up the wedding should I ever feel like bringing it closer. My good friend Brock who filmed the wedding recently returned to Atlanta for the holidays, and yesterday he dropped off the wedding DVDs in our mailbox. What timing! It's the perfect Christmas/7-month-anniversary gift.

Jon and I were both a little worried we'd look stupid on camera, but we sucked it up (nothing we can do about looking silly then now!) and watched the DVD beginning to end. It's nothing fancy: literally just the straight-up, raw footage, with a few Camera 1-Camera 2 cuts during the ceremony portion. But it's exactly what I wanted, and more. I only asked Brock to tape the ceremony so we'd have a record of it, but he brought his camera to the rehearsal dinner and the reception and filmed all the toasts and our first dances and our exit through a shower of flower petals tossed by our guests, and I'm so glad to have those moments where you can see a little bit more of us, our friends and our interactions on tape. (Er, disc. Whatever.)

So, now that we've watched the whole shebang (OK, maybe we skipped ahead during the homily), a few observations:

Rehearsal dinner
  • The best man, Jon's younger brother Matthew, looked totally bored during the rehearsal dinner toasts given by our friends.
  • Our professor/thesis advisor used the word "milieu" in his toast while likening me and Jon to a famous composer/arranger-saxophonist couple in the world of jazz.
  • The grad school professors espoused quite a bit of revisionist history. But hey, what writer hasn't embellished a bit to enhance the telling of a story?
  • All of our friends in the wedding party are fast to very fast walkers.
  • Jon and Matthew were whispering in one another's ears during the bridesmaids' processional. SUBTLE.
  • As my processional began with a facemelting organ fanfare, the camera panned across the front of the church and caught Matthew picking something off of Jon's shoulder (gotta look sharp!)
  • I don't do slow and stately very well.
  • I blinked and closed-mouth smiled a lot during the ceremony.
  • Thankfully, the hymn sounded on the video like a congregation singing it, and not just me wailing into the mic Brock put on Jon. Relief!
  • Our DJ was totally awesome. (that's not news, it just bears repeating.)
  • The toasts. were. AWESOME. Matthew killed it. Emily KILLED it. Dad and my brother were pretty awesome as well.
  • Our first dance was... awkward. Jon and I looked pretty dinky and lame. We scrapped the fancy moves we had learned in last-minute lessons and defaulted to a basic box step. Thank god the song wasn't that long.
  • My dad and I, on the other hand, did really well! Also sort of awkward, but we had lots of pretty spins and a couple different steps in the mix. Wayne, our dance lesson teacher, would have been proud.
  • My dress moved beautifully! Sigh.
  • Jon sorta let his mom lead during their dance.
  • At the end of the video, as I'm about to get into the towncar that will whisk us away, I look over the roof of the car and wave to the camera/Brock. I really like that moment. It's me!
Everything was pretty much as I remember it, which is refreshing. It's nice to be able to see it as it actually was, but it's also reassuring to confirm that my mind was there and processing it all at the time. I looked very pretty and happy, Jon looked very dapper and happy. Happiness all around!

I still stand by our decision not to hire a videographer, even though there are some awesome ones out there. Photography was absolutely my top priority in terms of recording the occasion, and the incredible pictures Jesse and Whitney took are so far beyond what I imagined they would be. I like the honest, archival quality of what Brock gave us; no montages, no recreated shots, no soundtracking. This is something we'll be able to show our kids, and they'll see everything exactly how it happened, way the hell back in the day in 2010. How sweet is that?


  1. I'm so glad you guys watched the whole thing-I imagine it would be hard for me, too! And I'm giggling about all the tomfoolery that took place!

  2. so glad you got some video! i definitely don't want to hire a videographer...but SOME video would be pretty cool. i want the most honestly real representation...and i'm with you - photography is most important in our list as well...your photography, obviously, turned out absolutely beautifully!