Monday, January 17, 2011

It's raining weddings

There comes a time in every twentysomething's life when everyone and their mother is getting married. The lots-of-weddings era officially began for me in 2008, when I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friends' weddings. As it happened, that year in weddings was actually kicked off by that bride's mother -- seriously -- who got remarried.

I had three other weddings that year, bringing the total to five between April and the first weekend in October. 2009 was even more packed, with six weddings* from mid-May to mid-October. By the midpoint of our own wedding planning, we only had two weddings -- ours and my Bride Buddy's, the week before ours -- for 2010; after the holidays, though, two more were added to the docket. Still, only four weddings from April to August in 2010 was a comparatively light load. (Since one of them was my own, I'm very thankful for that.)

2011 is shaping up to be another crazy, crazy year o' weddings. As of tonight, I've got seven weddings on my calendar from mid-February to mid-June. Three weekends in May are wedding weekends, and the non-wedding weekend falls on our anniversary. (Convenient!) The last couple to get married of the current 2011 bunch has been engaged since June 2009; my friend who just announced her Memorial Day nuptials got engaged last weekend. So, who knows -- my year in weddings could get busier still!

While it's definitely easier to attend a wedding than plan one, I want to make sure I budget my vacation time and attire/travel/gift expenses for these events wisely. I've already bought one present (in an attempt to spread out the credit card charges) and signed up for that Williams-Sonoma Reserve hooha where you pay $30 to get free shipping for a year -- I'm already certain that was a good investment. Now I just need to drop some of the extra pounds I put on over the holidays by the time May and June roll around so I can put my rehearsal dinner dress to use again...

*although I tend to have a good memory for this sort of thing, like any good packrat I actually have a scrapbook that serves as a record of all the friend and family weddings I've been to since 2005, when the first of my high school buddies got married. It was actually a great resource to have on hand when I was figuring out my own ceremony and invitations.


  1. sounds like a fun time! i know even attending a wedding can be stressful...honestly, i try to avoid them as much as possible (YIKES!) and have fun though, i'm 99% certain that shopping for a new couple is my favorite part of attending a wedding. :)

  2. Yeah, I actually love going to weddings (probably another post coming on that) -- but all the attendant costs can really add up. I love picking out awesome gifts for the couple, too!

  3. Oh honey, I've been there! There was a point from 04-06 where I had 22 weddings in 18 months and I was a bridesmaid in at least 5 of them. I just HAD to say no to some of the weddings - mostly those that would have required travel.

    I thought it was all over, but be prepared - all these people who get married around the same time? Yeah, they also tend to have kids (ie: Baby Showers) at the same time too. Ugh. Hang in there.

  4. Oh boy! Our good friends aren't getting hitched quite yet, although 2012 is looking like it will be a hectic year in weddings!

  5. amazing! My friends aren't really getting engaged yet, but I do know of 5 couples who are! :)
    Have fun at all the weddings!