Tuesday, August 9, 2011

rockify your cake

Oh wedding blog, how I have neglected you! To any of you who have checked by in the past two and a half months, my apologies for letting that cheesy anniversary card photo stay at the top of the page for so long. Today I'm replacing it with something completely awesome. You can thank me later.

I posted a long time ago about cake toppers both ridiculous and lovely. This one falls under a different category entirely, namely: KICKASS.

via John Arcara Photography's facebook page/a highschoolmate's wedding photos

For the uninitiated among you, that is a custom Pearl Jam stickman wedding cake topper! I like how they added flowers and a veil and removed the goatee/soul patch situation (duh) for the bride. If only I'd thought of this! I'm pretty sure Jon wouldn't have let me follow through with it -- he's not as crazy about PJ as I am -- but this is still the coolest idea ever. Well done, former schoolmate! Go 'Cats!